Complex Dynamics in the Tropics

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Carsten Lunde Petersen

This international congress will take place at IMPA (Rio de Janeiro) in November 28 – December 2, 2022, uniting some of the most prominent researchers in the field, to present and discuss the subject’s state of the art. The pretext for the gathering is the 60 years birthday of C. L. Petersen, a well-known, admired and respected in the field. 


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Invited Speakers

A. Benini (Parma University)
Bifurcations in families of meromorphic maps

A. Bonifant (University of Rhode Island)
The Rabbit Escape Regions

S. Bullett (QMUL)
Holomorphic correspondences, matings, and Klein’s combination theorem

A. de Carvalho (USP)
Structures on 2- and 3-manifolds coming from dynamical systems

D. Cheraghi (Imperial College of London)
Local analytic centralisers in holomorphic dynamics

L. De Marco (Harvard)
Lattès maps and bifurcations

D. Dudko (Stony Brook)
Near-neutral Renormalization and its applications in Complex Dynamics

A. Epstein (Warwick University)
Near-Parabolic Phenomena in Parameter Dimension 2

N. Fagella (Barcelona University)
Boundary dynamics for holomorphic sequences, non-autonomous dynamical systems and wandering domains

T. Firsova (Kansas State University)
Critical Locus for Complex Henon maps

H. Inou (Kyoto University)
Tuning and quasiconformal surgery

M. Lyubich (Stony Brook)
Mirrors of Conformal Dynamics: Julia sets, Kleinian groups, Schwarz
reflections, and algebraic correspondences

S. Mukherjee (TATA Institute)
Dynamics of algebraic correspondences and mating phenomena

L. Rempe (Liverpool University)
A counterexample to Eremenko’s conjecture

J. Rivera-letelier (Rochester University)
Nice quasidisks and prime orbit counting

M. Shishikura (Kyoto University)
Tropical complex dynamics

D. Smania (USP São Carlos)
Deformations of one-dimensional maps

R. Tanase (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)
On partial hyperbolicity in the Hénon family

M. Yampolsky (Toronto University)
Renormalization hyperbolicity and rigidity for analytic homeomorphisms of the circle

S. Zakeri (CUNY)
Near-parabolic points and Hausdorff limits of external rays



Arcelino Bruno Lobato do Nascimento (UFMA)
A Combiatorial Presentation for Branched Coverings of the 2-Sphere

Jacob Mazor (Stony Brook)
Shabat Correspondences and One-Dimensional Families of Matings

Jorge Salazar Morales (IMPA)
The Dual ℝ-Tree for infinte topological surfaces

Miguel Ratis Laude (IMPA)
Mating polynomials with Kleinian Groups

Melida Caranza Trejo (CIMAT)
The inner structure of tongues

Pedro Iván Suárez Navarro (Universidad Nacional José María Arguedas)
Julia-like sets in the parameter space of a family of quartic rational maps

Samanta Santos Avelino Silva (IME-USP)
The compactification of the two dimensional monomial map

Ulisses Lakatos de Melo (IME-USP)
Extensions of the conformal group present entropy

Willie Rush Lim (Stony Brook)
From Herman Rings to Herman Curves


Scientific Committee
Luna Lomonaco (IMPA)
Christian Henriksen (DTU)
Eva Uhre (Roskilde University)
Asli Deniz (The American University of the Middle East)


Organizing Committee
Luna Lomonaco (IMPA)
Suely Lima (IMPA)
Christian Henriksen (DTU)
Eva Uhre (Roskilde University)
Asli Deniz (The American University of the Middle East)


COVID-19 policies

While the use of masks inside closed environments is no longer mandatory by Brazilian law, it is still recommended as a good practice by the Health Ministry, especially for individuals presenting flu-like symptoms. We at the organizing committee reinforce our commitment to all of the participants’ safety and health and, thus, opt for a policy of mask usage inside the auditorium and IMPA’s facilities (that is, except for the speakers).  The same follows for frequent cleansing of the hands with alcohol, which is available at different spots inside IMPA. We also suggest that participants coming from abroad take tests before their trips.



Postal Address: Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
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