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Geometry of numbers in infinite rank and diophantine applications

Expositor: François Charles - Université Paris-Sud
Sex 25 set 2020, 10:30 - Palestra Virtual / Online LectureGeometry, Arithmetic and Differential Equations of Periods (GADEPs)

Resumo: I will explain how basic geometric constructions in arithmetic geometry related to integral points or periods involve natural analogues of lattices in infinite rank. I will sketch the basic setup that makes it possible to do geometry of numbers in that setting, thus providing a rough analogue in diophantine geometry for the theory of quasi-coherent sheaves. I will sketch basic applications to integral points on affine varieties. This is joint work with Jean-Benoît Bost.


On the impact of diffusion ratio on vanishing viscosity solutions of Riemann problems for chemical flooding models

Expositor: Yulia Petrova - St. Petersburg University
Seg 28 set 2020, 10:30 - Palestra Virtual / Online LectureSeminário de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional

Resumo: We will discuss the vanishing viscosity solutions for a chemical flooding model. The model originates from oil industry and describes a process of injection of water with solvent into the oil in a porous media. We describe situations with unique and non-unique vanishing viscosity solutions to the Riemann problem. Typical examples are the polymer flooding and surfactant flooding. The google-Meet link of the lecture is posted in .