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Mathematical Modeling of Group Creativity and Cultural Evolution

Expositor: Santiago Guisasola - IMPA
Seg 16 set 2019, 17:00 - Sala 232Métodos Matemáticos em Finanças

Resumo: This is a talk on game theory and its applications to the analytical study of culture. Special focus is given to the thesis that group creativity is a strong driving force behind cultural evolution, and, as such, its central factors should be identified and modeled. Steps in this direction have involved fascinating experiments and the removal of mathematical obstacles and mysteries present in the literature; all of which is outlined in this talk. The presentation ends with the beginnings of a theory of group creativity and future directions.

A brief history of the research field is given.

Technical details are kept to a minimum without significant loss to the exposition of the main ideas, arguments, and results.

Keywords: group creativity, coordination, convention, culture, diffusion of innovation, externalities, networks, game theory, orthogonal decomposition


Expositor: Hossein Movasati - IMPA
Ter 17 set 2019, 15:30 - Sala 224Variedades de Calabi–Yau

Resumo: Using the notion of infinitesimal variation of Hodge structures I will define an R-variety which generalizes Calabi-Yau and abelian varieties, cubic four, seven and ten folds, etc.

Machines are Innocent, Humans are Not

Expositor: Luiz Velho - IMPA
Qua 18 set 2019, 13:30 - Auditório 3Computação Gráfica

Resumo: In this talk I will discuss some issues related to the use of machine learning in media contexts - particularly after the recent boom of audiovisual Apps, fuelled by the power of deep convolution neural networks.Both technical and ethical aspects of the current scenario will be addressed. Topics to be considered include: Machine Bias; Deep Fakes; Scientific Neutrality and Social Responsibility.