IMPA holds several international events throughout the year. At these meetings, it receives world-renowned experts who interact with local researchers and students on topics that are at the forefront of modern mathematical sciences.

In addition, these meetings allow the dissemination of Brazilian researchers and articles, notably those from IMPA, including doctoral theses.


I Encontro Nacional do Mestrado PROFMAT
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, November 10 – 11


Programa de Pós-doutorado de Verão 2024
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, January 02 – February 29

Special Holonomy and Geometric Structures on Complex Manifolds
IMPA, Rio de janeiro, March 10 – 16

EMALCA Uberaba 2024 – in honor of Jacob Palis
Uberaba, Minas Gerais, April 01 – 12

Foliation Theory and Algebraic Geometry
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, June 24 – 28

Diversity in Finite Fields and Coding Theory
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, July 7 – 12

Workshop on Randomness
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, July 27 – August 02

V ELGA – V Latin American School of Algebraic Geometry
Cabo Frio, August 12 – 23

DinAmicI in Rio, Dynamics, Applications, Interactions
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, September 2 – 6