IMPA maintains a program of video recording of conferences and events, with a collection of more than 4,300 titles. The initiative includes the recordings of the regular courses of the Graduate Programs of the Institute, which are broadcasted live on the Web and later made available on our YouTube channel. In addition to regular courses, scientific meetings, workshops, lectures, interviews and other courses at IMPA are also recorded.

All videos are already on our YouTube channel. If you would like to do a thorough search of our collection, please consult our Catalog.


Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium

PAPMEM – Professional Improvement Program for High School Mathematics Teachers

Olympic Teacher Improvement Program


Scientific Meetings


Interviews with Emeritus

Magna Conferences

Scientific Initiation Journeys

Thesis Defenses

YouTube channel

In our YouTube channel the live broadcasts of the classes of the regular Master and Doctoral courses take place, as well as of scientific meetings held at IMPA. It is also the easiest way to access institutional videos recorded from the year 2010 on. Sign up for the channel to be notified whenever there is a new live stream and also to keep track of the latest video uploads.

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