How to submit a manuscript

to authors

Those interested in publishing a book in one of the IMPA’s series should send the manuscripts to the address The files should be sent in PDF.

When submitting the work for analysis, the author agrees to not submit it to another publisher at the same time.

The author may indicate in which of the series he wants his book to be published or, alternatively, he may leave this decision to the Editor in Chief and the Editorial Committee.

Manuscripts must be submitted in a definitive form. Incomplete works will not be accepted for analysis. Only unpublished works will be considered.

The manuscripts will be evaluated by the Editor in Chief and the Editorial Committee. After a preliminary analysis they will decide whether or not to forward it to ad hoc consultants (referees) for a thorough evaluation.

Based on this evaluation, the Editorial Committee will decide whether or not to publish the work, in alignment with the editorial guidelines of each series. The final result of the evaluation will be immediately communicated to the author by electronic means.

Characteristics of each Series: