1ª Escola Brasileira de Combinatória

September 11th–15th, 2023

The 1a Escola Brasileira de Combinatória (1st Brazilian School of Combinatorics) will be held at Hotel Salvetti, in São Sebastião, SP, during the week of September 11-15, 2023. The school will consist of 2 mini-courses and 9 plenary lectures given by leading researchers in the field and covering a wide range of recent developments in combinatorics, an open problems session, poster sessions where students can present their research, and daily examples classes to reinforce the material in the mini-courses. We expect to be able to support the participation of 40 students.

The EBC also provides an excellent opportunity for researchers and students from Brazil and abroad to start new collaborations, and a significant amount of time will be set aside during the week for participants to work on open problems in small groups.

The registration fee for the school will be used to cover accommodation from Sunday to Friday and all meals during the week (We also hope to have funds left over for an excursion and evening entertainment.). Students who are unable to obtain financial support from their home institutions may apply for the registration fee to be waived (please indicate when you register whether you expect to need this support). In order to maximise the number of students that we can support, we encourage all participants to take advantage of local funding sources such as state research agencies, graduate program support (like PROAP/PROEX), or their personal/group research grants.
Plenary talks

Anita Liebenau (UNSW Sidney)
Liana Yepremyan (Emory University)
Marcelo Campos (IMPA)
Marcelo Sales (Emory University)
Mathias Schacht (Universität Hamburg)
Maya Stein (Universidad de Chile)
Nina Kamčev (University of Zagreb)
Patrick Morris (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Pedro Araújo (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Short courses

Richard Lang (Universität Hamburg)
Wojciech Samotij (Tel Aviv University)

Organizing committee

• Guilherme Oliveira Mota – chair – (USP) 
• Robert Morris – chair – (IMPA) 
• Yoshiharu Kohayakawa (USP) 
• Taísa Martins (UFF) 
• Letícia Mattos (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) 
• Luiz Freire Moreira (UFPE) 
• Roberto Freitas Parente (UFBA) 

Scientific committee

• Robert Morris – chair – (IMPA) 
• Guilherme Oliveira Mota – chair – (USP)
• Béla Bollobás (Cambridge) 
• Celina Miraglia Herrera de Figueiredo (UFRJ) 
• Yoshiharu Kohayakawa (USP) 
• Yoshiko Wakabayashi (USP)