XV Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade

Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, de 31/07 até 06/08, 2011

Registration Deadline : June 30,2011

Organizing Committee

Roberto Imbuzeiro (IMPA)
Claudio Landim (Coordenador)
Bernardo Borges de Lima (UFMG)
Robert Morris (IMPA)

Scientific Committee

Pablo Ferrari (Buenos Aires)
Luiz Renato Fontes (USP)
Roberto Imbuzeiro (IMPA)
Claudio Landim (Coordenador)
Bernardo Borges de Lima (UFMG)
Robert Morris (IMPA)
Alberto Masayoshi Faria Ohashi (INSPER)


Omer Angel (British Columbia)
Percolation on infinite random planar maps.

Bela Bollobas (Cambridge)
The Phase Transition of Random Graphs

Jean-Dominique Deuschel (TU, Berlin)
Quenched invariance principle for a balanced, non-elliptic, random walk in balanced random environment

Antonio Galves (IME-USP)
Perfect simulation of a coupling achieving the $bar{d}$-distance between chains of infinite order.

Gady Kozma (Weizmann, Tel Aviv)
Disorder and entropy, an annealed version of Kaimanovich-Vershik

Servet Martinez (CMM – Universidad de Chile)
Ergodic properties of a class of tessellations

Serguei Popov (UNICAMP)
Knudsen billiards and random walks in random environment with unbounded jumps.

Prasad Tetali (GT, Atlanta)
New Bounds for the hard-core model on the square lattice


Yuval Peres (Microsoft)
Mixing times and cover times for Markov chains

Notes – First Lecture

Notes 1 – Pages from Markov Chain Book

Notes 2 – Mixing Times and Hitting Times

Complete Book

Augusto Teixeira (ENS) and Jiri Cerny (ETH Zurich)
From random walk trajectories to random interlacements

Notes 1

Accepted Poster, Abstracts and Program

Accepted Poster

Accepted Poster Statement

Poster Session:

Monday,01 – 16:30 – 17:30

Monday,01 – 19:30 – 20:30

Tuesday,02 – 16:30 – 17:30

Thursday,04 – 16:30 – 17:30

Friday,05 – 16:30 – 17:30



Short Talks

A. Iambartsev
A Markov process of tectonic plates motions
Date: Tuesday,02

Alex Guadilliere
Sampling the Fermi statistics
Date: Friday, 05

Andrew Hart
A Gibbs Approach to Chargaff’s Second Parity Rule
Date: Wednesday, 03

Eduardo Jordão Neves
On the identification of altered s
Date: Tuesday,02

Inés Armendariz
Weighted permutations on Z
Date: Friday, 05

Marcelo Richard Hilário
Coordinate Percolation on Z3
Date: Wednesday, 03

Mathieu Lerasle
A Gaussian type concentration iniquality for robust empirical mean with applications to statistics
Date: Tuesday,02

Miguel Abadi
The distribution of the overlapping function.
Date: Wednesday, 03

Pablo Groisman
Quasi-stationary distributions and Fleming-Viot processes in countable spaces.
Date: Tuesday,02

Pablo Rodriguez
Limit theorems for a rumor process with random stifling.
Date: Friday, 05

Patrícia Gonçalves
The occupation time for exclusion processes.
Date: Friday, 05

Rinaldo Schinasi
A branching model for virus survival.
Date: Tuesday,02

Rodrigo Lambert
Non-convergence in probability of the overlapping function.
Date: Wednesday, 03

Roger Willian Câmara
Critical point and percolation probability in a long range site percolation model on Z^d
Date: Wednesday, 03

Sandro Gallo
Upper bounds for Markov approximations of chains of infinite order in the $bar{d}$ metric
Date: Wednesday, 03

Sergio Ivan Lopez Ortega
A Brownian analogue to Mountford-Prabhakar’s theorem
Date: Tuesday,02

Stefan Grosskinsky
Zero-range condensation with random interaction
Date: Friday, 05

Tertuliano Franco
Hydrodynamical Behavior of Symmetric Exclusion with Slow Bonds
Date: Friday, 05

Zhe Guo
Hammersley Process on the circle
Date: Friday, 05





Short Talk

Hotel Reservations

The meeting will take place at the Hotel del Bosque resort, in Mambucaba, a beach district of Angra dos Reis county, about 200 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Transportation from to Mambucaba on Sunday, July 31, and from Mambucaba to on Saturday,August 6, will be provided free of charge by the meeting organizers. Those willing to arrive or depart Mambucaba at other times should contact the Organizing Committee. The fully secluded Hotel del Bosque offers both a spectacular landscape and a wide range of leisure options, as well as a magnific wide strip of private beach. For more information, please access http://www.hoteldobosque.com.br

Participants staying at Hotel del Bosque will be able to take advantage of the following special rates:

Single rooms: R$ 398 + 10% service tax
Double rooms: R$ 472 + 10% service tax
These rate include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other lodging options are available at the near-by location of Vila Historica de Mambucaba and Praia Vermelha.
We describe next these options.

Vila Historica de Mambucaba: Located 2 km from Hotel del Bosque, it is a small beach town (about 500 inhabitants), whose central section was built in the colonial period, and includes a very pretty XVIII century baroque church. The three inns described below are at less than 100 m from the beach.

I) Pousada Vila Historica: Simple but charming rooms with air conditioning, fridge and TV. Daily rates with breakfast:

Single rooms : R$ 100
Double rooms : R$ 120
Phone: 55-24-3362-2091, e-mail: pousadavilahistorica@hotmail.com
url: http://www.pousadavilahistorica.com.br

II) Pousada das Flores: Higher level accomodation, also with air conditioning, fridge and TV. Daily rates with beakfast:

Single rooms : R$ 130
Double rooms : R$ 150
Phone: 55-24-3362-2089, e-mail: reservas@pousadaflores.com.br
url: http://www.pousadaflores.com.br

On-line reservations at the Hotel del Bosque are available through the site of CMO,the travel agency working in connection with the meeting: http://www.cmoeventos.net/eng/congressos/conteudo_work.html
For reservations at the remaining inns, please write to Isabel at gerencia@cmoeventos.com.br

Poster Submission Instructions

Participants must be registered for the event in order to submit a poster.

After registering, please, access the poster submission system and fill out the form.

Deadline to poster submission: June 30th

Transportation to Mambucaba



Departure: Sunday, July 31
Place: Rio de Janeiro – IMPA (Estrada Dona Castorina,110 – Jardim Botânico – RJ)
Time: 3:00PM
Those interested in using this transportation, shall send an e-mail message to ebp@impa.br informing the name, ID number, RNE or passport (for foreign).


Departure: Sunday, July 31
Place: USP – Cidade Universitária – Portão 1
Time: 2:00PM
Those interested in using this transportation, shall send an e-mail message to regianefpjg@gmail.com, informing the name, ID number, RNE or passport (for foreign).


Departure: Saturday, August 6
Time: 10:00AM


Information on Mambucaba

Mambucaba is located in the so called Costa Verde (Green Coast) in the South West of Rio de Janeiro State, near the boundary with Sao Paulo State. In this region the Sierra do Mar mountain range meets the see, and all the mountain slopes are covered by a luxuriant vegetation, part of one of the few extant large extensions of subtropical forest (Mata Atlântica) in the country. The weather is humid and tropical. The meeting will take place in winter, which is relatively drier, but participants should be prepared for some rain. Daily temperatures in July fluctuate between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius (72 and 90 degrees Farenheit), but night lows can go down to 15 Celsius (59 degrees Farenheit).

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Postal Address: Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
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