Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Universidade Federal da Bahia, Bahia, from August 13 – 17, 2018


This meeting aims to bring together some of the leading experts in Dynamical Systems, both from the topological and ergodic viewpoints and related topics, to present their latest works and discuss new partnerships. In particular, we intend to make room for excellent researchers who have not been included in the special ICM2018 sessions.

 We are applying for support from research agencies in order to possibly cover part of local expenses during the Conference for a few participants unable to raise support elsewhere.


Main Topics of the Meeting:  

Weak forms of hyperbolicity

Thermodynamical Formalism

Fractal geometry and dimension theory

Low dimensional dynamics

Geometric, ergodic and statistical properties in dynamics

***Official hotels and agencies are not allowed to contact participants, unless he/she had already contact the hotel previously. To make a reservation, please contact the hotel of your choice directly.*** 


Organizing committee:

  • Armando Castro
  • Vilton Pinheiro
  • Jerôme Rousseau
  • Paulo Varandas (chair)

Scientific committee

  • Maria J. Pacifico (Chair – Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Christian Bonatti (Univ. of Bourgogne)
  • Lorenzo J. Díaz (Catholic Univ. of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Ian Melbourne (Univ. of Warwick)
  • Carlos Gustavo Tamm Moreira (IMPA)
  • Mikhail Lyubich (Stony Brook Univ.)







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