Scientific Activities

In what follows we describe the scientific activities held in the event:

• Contact non-squeezing at the quantum scale
Leonid Polterovich

• Variational and topological properties of invariant two dimensional tori
Mario Jorge Dias Carneiro

• Some plane-fields related to vector fields on 3-manifolds
Clodoaldo Ragazzo

• Fiberwise volume growth via Floer Homology
Felix Schlenk

• Arnold’s diusion and weak KAM theory
P. Bernard

• Mather measures for the geodesicflow inconstant negative curvature and the bowen-series transformation
Artur Oscar Lopes

• Interaction of two charges in a magnetic field
Diogo Pinheiro

• Calabi Quasi-Morphism on Higher Genus Surfaces
Pierre Py

• Rigididity of surfaces whose geodesic flows preserve smooth codimension one foliations
Rafael Ruggiero

• Poincare’s second species orbits
Robert Mackay

• Connecting Geodesics for locally symmetric spaces
Eugene Gutkin

• Quasi-Hamiltonian Geometry
Henrique Bursztyn

• Minimization and hyperbolicity
Gonzalo Contreras

• Large deviation for equilibrium states of Holder potentials at zero temperature
Alexandre Tavares Baraviera

• Chain recurrence and Aubry sets
Albert Fathi