Oliver Riordan (University of Oxford)
Random cliques in random graphs

Remco van der Hofstad (Eindhoven University)
Small-worlds, complex networks and random graphs

Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research)
Gravitational allocation to uniform points on the sphere

Trace reconstruction for the deletion channel



Short Talks

Matthew Jenssen (Oxford University)
On the hard sphere model and sphere packing in high dimensions

Rodrigo Ribeiro (IMPA)
Building your path to scape from home

Gal Kronenberg (Tel Aviv University)
Chromatic index of random multigraphs

Abhishek Methuku (Central European University)
On subgraphs of C2k-free graphs and some generalised Turán problems

Bernardo Nunes Borges de Lima (UFMG)
Truncated long-range percolation on oriented graphs

Marius Tiba (University of Cambridge)
Geometric Symmetric Chain Decomposition

Shagnik Das (Freie Universität Berlin)
Supersaturation for Disjoint Pairs

Beka Ergemlidze (Central European University)
Asymptotics for Turán numbers of cycles in 3-uniform linear hypergraphs