Bobby Acharya (KCL/ICTP) – Special Holonomy Cones, Conformal Field Theories and Confinement in Five Dimensions

Ilka Agricola (Marburg) – 3-(α, δ)-Sasaki Manifolds and Strongly Positive Curvature

Adrián Andrada (Córdoba) – On The Canonical Bundle Of The Complex Manifolds Underlying A Compact Hypercomplex Manifold

Robert Bryant (Duke) – A century of holonomy

Mirjam Cvetic (UPenn) – Higher Symmetries of Quantum FIeld Theory from String Theory on Singular (Non-)Compact Special Holonomy Spaces

Andrzej Derdzinski (Ohio State) – Killing and Ricci-Hessian equations in (pseudo)Kähler geometry

Daniel Fadel (UFRJ) – Stability of critical points of the self-dual abelian YMH energy on Kähler manifolds

Anna Fino (Miami/Torino) – Non-Kähler manifolds via mapping tori

Lorenzo Foscolo (Rome) – Hypertoric varieties, W-Hilbert schemes and Coulomb branches

Udhav Fowdar (Unicamp) –  On flows of SU(2)-structures

Mark Haskins (Duke) – Recent developments in Laplacian flow of G_2 structures

Andryi Haydys (Brussels) – An index theorem for Z/2 harmonic spinors

Hans-Joachim Hein (Münster) – Immortal solutions of the Kähler-Ricci flow

Jorge Lauret (Córdoba) – Stable homogeneous Einstein metrics

Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook) – Gravitational Instantons, Weyl Curvature, & Conformally Kähler Geometry

John Loftin (Rutgers) – Cubic Differentials and Harmonic Maps into an Asymptotic Cone

Jason Lotay (Oxford) – Translators in Lagrangian mean curvature flow

Andrei Moroianu (Paris Saclay) – Locally conformally product structures

Johannes Nordström (Bath) – Rational homotopy type of closed 7- and 8-manifolds

Mario Garcia Fernandez (UAM) – Vertex algebras from the Hull-Strominger system

Simon Salamon (KCL) – Weak holonomy with symmetry

Jakob Stein (Unicamp) – Invariant gauge theory on asymptotically local conical G2 metrics

Nicoletta Tardini (Parma) – Dolbeault and Bott-Chern harmonic forms on almost- Hermitian manifolds