Bernard Teissier
On the work of Jean-Jacques Risler

Pedro Gonzalez Perez
Multi-Harnack smoothings of real planes branches

Benoît Chevallier
Maximality and symmetry breaking

Andrei Gabrielov
Dessins d’enfants for the eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operator

Lev Birbrair
Singularities of complex surfaces

Felipe Cano
Birational reduction of singularities of vector fileds

Yosef Yomdin
Generalized Centre-Focus problem for Abel Equation

Daniel Panazzolo
The group of translations and powers: estimating the number of fixed points, a theorem of S. Cohen and a conjecture of G. Higman

Hossein Movasati
The infinitesimal Hilbert’s 16th problem

Danielle Gondard-Cozette
On the number of connected components of smooth real varieties

Alexander Degtyarev
Real elliptic surfaces and real trigonal curves of type I

Jean-Yves Welschinger
Invariants, lower bounds and sharpness in real enumerative geometry

Oleg Viro

Bernard Teissier
Introduction to non archimedian amoebas

Victor Goryunov
Complex crystallographic groups and symmetries of parabolic functions

Alcides Lins Neto
Real foliations with algebraic leaves with many ovals