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Continuation in Seismic Migration and Migration Velocity analysis

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An Inverse Problem for the Tranmission Wave Equation

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Support Theorems for Radiation Fields

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Sharp bounds for the frequencies of the vibrating triangular membrane

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On the Inverse Problem for the Risk Premium in Stochastic Volatility Models

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An Alternative Construction of Curvelets. Applications to Characterization of Regularity.

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Electric Impedance Tomography With Resistor Networks

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Wave equation imaging with reflectors

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Open Issues Of Stability In The Inverse Conductivity Problem

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Cross-sectional human chest imaging by the D-bar method for electrical impedance tomography

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Relations between some inverse problems for evolution equations and controllability results

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A Survey of Inverse Problems and Techniques in the Biophysical Sciences

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Numerical algorithm for optical tomography with large data sets

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Inverse Problem For The Schrödinger Equation

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Image Reconstruction from Limited Angle Tomographic Data With a Priori Knowledge

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Inverse Scattering Of Seismic Data With The Generalized Radon Transform – Curvelets, Matrix Representation, Computation

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Virtual Signal in The Heat Equation and The Enclosure Method

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Counter examples in inverse problems and invisibility

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Local Lens Rigidity Of A Class Of Riemannian Manifolds

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Scattering by edges

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Optical tomography on simple Riemannian manifolds

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A Support Theorem For Geodesic Ray Transform On Real-Analytic Riemannian Manifolds

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Stability of boundary distance representation and reconstruction of Riemannian manifolds

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Identification of viscosity in an incompressible fluid