Alexander Bobenko
Discrete minimal surfaces from quadrilaterals

Allen Weitsman
Planar Harmonic Mappings and Minimal Graphs

Andre Neves
Existence and uniqueness of stable spheres withs constant mean curvature on asymptotically hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

Barbara Nelli
Vertical Ends of Constant Mean Curvature H = 1/2 in H2 x R

Benoit Daniel
Minimal surfaces in the Heisenberg group

Brian White
Adding handles to the helicoid

Detang Zhou
Stability properties for the higher dimensional catenoid

Fernando Codá dos Santos Cavalcanti Marques
Compactness and Noncompactness Theorems for the Yamabe Problem

Frank Pacard
Constant mean curvature surfaces in Riemannian manifolds

Giuseppe Tinaglia
Dynamics Theorem for CMC surfaces in R3

Grosse-Brauckmann, Karsten
Bifurcations of the nodoid family

Harold Rosenberg
Surface Theory in homogeneous 3-manifolds

Henri Anciaux
Minimal and H-minimal Lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms

Isabel Fernandez Delgado
Harmonic maps, surface theories and Bernstein-type problems

Jaigyoung Choe
Rigidity of constant mean curvature surfaces with constant contact angles

Joaquín Pérez
The classification of properly embedded minimal surfaces with genus zero in Euclidean space.

José Antonio Galvez
Existence and uniqueness of stable spheres withs constant mean curvature on asymptotically hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

Jose M. Espinar

A Hadamard – Stoker type theorem in H2 x R.

Juan A. Aledo

Optimal height estimates for surfaces with constant curvatures in S2 x R and H2 x R

Konrad Polthier
Global parameterization of (minimal) surfaces

Laurent Hauswirth
Harmonic maps and the geometry of minimal and CMC surfaces in H x R

Levi Lopes de Lima
New r-minimal hypersurfaces via perturbative methods

Luis J. Alias
Global behaviour of maximal surfaces in Lorentzian product spaces

Magdalena Rodríguez
A general Jenkins-Serrin Theorem in H2 x R

Matthias Weber

Triply Period Minimal Surfaces of Low Genus

Pablo Mira
Hypersurface theory in H{n+1} and conformally invariant equations

Paolo Piccione
G-structures and affine immersions

Pascal Collin
Parabolic minimal graphs in H2 x R and harmonic diffeomorphisms

Pascal Romon
Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian surfaces in R4: overview and recent results

Pedro Roitman
A class of surfaces in H2 x R associated to Harmonic funnctions and a relation between CMC-1/2 and flat surfaces

Rémi Langevin
Drills and some special curves in the space of tangent spheres to a

Renato de Azevedo Tribuzy
Surfaces with parallel mean curvature in Hn × R and Sn × R

Ricardo Sá Earp
Minimal complete graphs with finite and asymptotic boundary in $H^2times R$

Robert Kusner
Nondegeneracy of Coplanar CMC Surfaces

Ruy Tojeiro de Figueiredo Junior
All superconformal surfaces in R4 in terms of minimal surfaces

Soomin Kim
Limits of Minimal Surfaces with Increasing Genus

Tobias Colding
Change of width under flow

Uwe Abresch
Geometric properties of 3-dimensional homogeneous bundles

Walcy Santos
Onstant Mean Curvature Surface with Planar Boundary in H2 x R