Terceira Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade

Mambucaba – Rio de Janeiro, 1 a 7 de agosto de 1999


A comunidade brasileira na área de Probabilidade é um centro de referência internacional em relação à qualidade de sua produção científica. Ela conta atualmente com sólidos grupos, ativos em diversas subáreas, mantendo um intercâmbio permanente com pesquisadores da Europa, dos Estados Unidos e de vários países da América Latina.A realização das Escolas Brasileiras de Probabilidade, ao reunir anualmente o conjunto de pesquisadores brasileiros da área e renomados especialistas estrangeiros, tem permitido fortalecer as colaborações internacionais, introduzir novos temas de pesquisa no país e colocar os alunos em contato com os mais recentes desenvolvimentos.

A Terceira Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade será realizada no Hotel do Bosque em Mambucaba. 

The Brazilian research team in Probability and Stochastic Processes has become internationally recognized through the high quality of its scientific production. Presently there are well established and very active groups working in several subareas. There is also a constant collaboration with researchers from Europe, United States and several Latin American countries.Consonant with these developments, the establishment of an annual international workshop on Probability based in the country has been of capital importance. These meetings, besides allowing a renewed exchange of ideas and the presentation to students of new subjects of research taught by top scientists, also contribute to the strenghtening of the international collaboration and friendship among workers in our field. The success of the two previous meetings testify to the ongoing accomplishment of these goals.

The Third Brazilian School of Probability will take place at the Hotel do Bosque in Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro. 


Comitê Científico

Roberto Fernández (Universidade de São Paulo)
Antonio Galves (Universidade de São Paulo)
Giovanni Jona-Lasinio (Univesità di Roma)
Claudio Landim (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
Stefano Olla (Université de Cergy)
Maria Eulália Vares (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
Horng-Tzer Yau (Courant Institute, New York University)


Comitê Organizador

Roberto Fernández
Claudio Landim 
Sergio B. Volchan 



Bolthausen (Univ. of Zurich), Large deviations and self-interacting random walks and random surfaces
Diaconis (Univ. of Stanford), Random matrix theory
Martinelli (Univ. di Roma III), Relaxational properties of conservative stochastic exchange dynamics in a random environment



Srinivasa Varadhan – Large deviations of asymmetric simple exclusion 
Charles Newman – Stochastic dynamics at zero temperature 
Servet Martinez – Ultrametric potentials 
Enrique Andjel – An infection model without recovery 
Gonzalo Perera – Irregular sets and limit theorems for random fields 
Bramson – Heavy traffic limits and state space collapse for queueing networks 
Roberto Schonmann – A percolation on graphics 



Machado – “Multi type one-dimensional branching random walk 
S. Mountford – “The finite contact process 
M.Salzano – “Infinitely many contact process transitions on a tree” 
Popkov – “2-way traffic problems: Exactly solvable model of traffic jam” 
J. Neves – “Long time behavior of a two-lane traffic model 
E. R. Rodrigues – “A measure-valued limit for a branching particle systems with changes of mass 
Saada – “A sandpile dynamics in infinite volume 
A. Campos – “Applied probability to mobility patterns in a cellular environment” 
J. Fontbona – “A Markov chain on the Boundary of a tree 
R. C. Ruffino “Lyapuonov exponents for stochastic differential equations on semi-simple Lie groups” 
A. C. Teran – Random versions of the Hartman-Grobman theorem” 
Kumagai – “Large deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for Brownian motion on fractals” 
Dorea – “Density estimation in hidden Markov models” 
Torres – “Numerical Method for backward stochastic differential equations” 
Fernandez – “Momentum transformations and non-Gibbsianness” 
V. Sisko – “Models of a one-dimensional wave spreadling” 
Klein – “Dynamical localization of light and other classical waves in random environment 
O’Carroll – “New excitations for lattice ferromagnetic classical spin systems at high temperature” 
Albuquerque – “Yang-Lee zeroes of the ising model on random lattices of torus topology” 
Gabrielli – “Onsager symmetries from microscopic symmetries 
De Sole – “Generalization of the Onsager-Machlup principle for non reversible systems” 
Galves – “A statistical-physics approach to language acquisition and language change” 
Soshnikov – “Wigner ensembles of symmetric (or hermitian) random matrices” 
da Costa Bueno – “Component importance in a random environment” 
U. Marchetti – “Random walks in symmetric random environment” 
Menshikov – “Random walk in a random environment” 
Girko – “Twenty-five laws of the theory of random matrices” 
Cancrini – “Comparison of canonical and grand canonical Gibbs measures for the dilute Ising model” 
Caputo – “Variational principle and large deviations for harmonic crystals” 
Simonis – “Some results in systems with long but finite range interactions” 
Sugiura – “Mixing properties of Gibbs states on C(R;R)” 
A. Faria da Veiga – “Spectral properties of weakly couples Landau-Ginzburg stochastic models” 
Sidoravicius – “Three phases in percolation of binary sequences” 
Carmona – “Large deviations for expanding transformations with additive white noise” 
Isopi – “Finite volume rate of convergence for disordered systems” 
E. Janvresse – “Spectral gap for Kac’s model of Boltzmann equation” 
Vachkovskaia – “Some multi-scale percolation models” 
Yoshida – “Mixing conditions for unbounded spin systems on the lattice” 
M. Schuetz – “Lattice gas approach to the relaxation of entangled DNA” 
A. Camey – “Metaestability in finite Markov chains and graphs” 
E. Vares – “Ergodicity of a Glauber+Kawasaki process with metaestable state” 
H. Guiol– “Hydrodynamic of the k step exclusion process” 
Belitsky– “Diffusion and scattering of shocks in partially asymmetric simple exclusion process” 
C. Bahadoran – “Decelerating perturbations of the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process” 
Popov – “A mixture of exclusion process and Voter model” 
Bertini – “Interface dynamics with a conservation law” 
Siri – “Asymptotic behavior of a tagged particle in an inhomogeneous zero-range process” 
Sethuraman – “Associated Random variables and applications to simple exclusion” 
L. Garcia – “Perfect simulation of low-temperature Ising model” 
C.G.M. Tamm – “Some probabilistic methods in dynamics and arithmetics” 
P. A. Ferrari – “Blocking measures in the asymmetric simple exclusion process” 
R. Gonçalves – “On determination of the order of a Markov chain” 
Minkova – “The olya-aeppli process” 
Toom – “All invariant measures of some random cellular automata are non-Giblesian” 
Miclo – “Time-continuous interacting particle approximation of Feynman-Kac formulae”