Computer Graphics

The Visgraf Project of Vision and Computer Graphics was created in 1989 to promote and develop activities in research, education and project development in correlated fields involving geometric modeling and imaging.

IMPA had been interested in Computer Graphics from the early 1980’s, at which time a graphic Textronix terminal was acquired, which is now part of the laboratorys historical collection. Visgraf holds to the idea that this area is a field in Applied Mathematics. As such, the group is very much interested in the mathematical basis of Computer Graphics and in its applications. The main areas of research at the Laboratory are:

  • Analysis and Image Processing
  • Visualization and Image Processing
  • Geometric Modelling and Interaction
  • Animation and Multimedia

A brief description is given of the research work that is currently being undertaken by the group.

Modeling and Visualization

  • Hierarchical Network Structures
  • 4-8 Surface Subdivision
  • Multi-scale Form Synthesis
  • Dynamic Texture of Implicit Surfaces

Vision and Image Processing

  • Virtual Arbitration
  • Image Quantification
  • Digital half-tone with waves in space

Animation and Multimedia

  • Visorama: Virtual Reality in Panorama
  • Motion Capture and Processing
  • Deformation and Metamorphosis of Graphic Objects
  • Virtual Scenarios and Image Composition

Interfacing and Applications

  • VisMed: Visualization and Analysis of Medical Images
  • 3D Photography
  • Visualization of Geographic Data
  • Video Databanks

The Visgraf Project is funded by FINEP, CNPq, FAPERJ, and regularly collaborates with Tecgraf and Matmídia at PUC-Rio, CMA at Ecole Polytechnique and with the Media Research Lab at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.