IMPA and SBM launch document about Brazilian mathematics

During the Brazilian Biennium of Mathematics 2017-2018, on the eve of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), next August in Rio, the document “Brazilian Mathematics 2018” presents a brief history of Brazilian mathematics and its evolution over the last decades.

Produced by IMPA and SBM, the stories in it present a brief history of mathematics in the country, and discuss the progress in research, postgraduate and international co-operation. The magazine also highlights the mathematics education, the outstanding role of the math olympiads, the enrolment of women in the field and the increasing efforts to make math popular in Brazil.

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It is an essential document for those who are ready to come to ICM 2018 but still don’t have the real dimension of Brazil’s role in the world’s mathematics scenario today. After reading it, it is easy to understand why Brazil was chosen to host the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in 2017 and  is ready to be the first country in the Southern Hemisphere to host an ICM.

To read the document, go to Brazilian_Mathematics_2018

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