Invited Speakers

Stefania Bellavia (Università de Firenze, Florência, Itália) 
Second order methods with approximate derivatives with application to finite sum problems arising in machine learning

Ernesto Birgin (USP, Brazil)
Augmented Lagrangian methods: complexity and performance

Ke Chen (University of Liverpool, Reino Unido)

Roberto Cominetti (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Routing games in congested networks: convergence for large games and the Price-of-Anarchy

Maryam Fazel (University of Washington, USA)

Andreas Fischer (Technische Universität, Alemanha)

Miguel Angel Goberna (Universidad de Alicante, Espanha)
Primal-dual stability in (full and semi) infinite linear optimization

Alfredo Iusem (IMPA)
Recent results on Asymptotic Analysis with applications in Optimization Theory

D. Russell Luke (Georg-August Universität, Alemanha)
Deterministic fixed point algorithms to random function iterations: progress and perspectives

Nelson Maculan (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

José Mario Martínez (Unicamp, Brazil)
On expensive optimization

Yurii Nesterov (Université Catholique de Louvain, Bélgica)
Implementable Tensor Methods in Unconstrained Convex Optimization

Sandra Santos (Unicamp, Brazil)
Recent advances on the solution of nonlinear least-squares problems

Mikhail Solodov (IMPA, Brazil)
Some news on the convergence and the cost of iterations of augmented Lagrangian methods

Benar Svaiter (IMPA, Brazil)

Marc Teboulle (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Yuan Jin Yun (Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil)