Arithmetic, Groups and Analysis (AGRA) IV – Part II
20 – 25 June, 2022

The AGRA series of summer schools (Santiago de Chile, 2012; Cusco, 2015; Córdoba, 2018; Online 2021) has as its goal to foster the development of number theory in Latin America, a classical research area that is still very much underrepresented in the region. It provides a formative experience for young researchers, and it also brings together senior and mid-career mathematicians working in the field. It has been our tradition to have all courses and all associated discussion be in Spanish or Portuguese, in part so as to make all activities accessible to all students in Latin America, regardless of their English proficiency.

The plan of AGRA is to cover a wide range of topics broadly connected to number theory. Due to the pandemic situation, AGRA IV was divided in two instalments. The first one was an ICTP – IMPA Online School that took place on August 16 – 20, 2021. We had four minicourses delivered by: (i) J. Wolf and P. Candela; (ii) A. Varilly-Alvarado and D. Testa; (iii) C. Matheus and V. Delecroix; (iv) H. Pasten. The areas covered were arithmetic combinatorics, arithmetic geometry, square-tiled surfaces and algebraic number theory. All relevant material has been collected in the webpage:

The plan for this second installment, which shall happen in hybrid mode in the state of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, is to have minicourses in themes connected to:

1) Additive combinatorics and ergodic theory;
2) Group approximations;
3) Analytic number theory;
4) Arithmetic groups;
5) Arithmetic geometry.
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Organizing Commitee:
Misha Belolipetsky (IMPA)
Emanuel Carneiro (ICTP)
Dimitar Dimitrov (UNESP)
Harald Helfgott (Göttingen / CNRS)
Matilde Lalín (Montreal)
Suely Lima (IMPA)
Yuri Lima (UFC)
Roberto Miatello (Córdoba)
Ariel Pacetti (Córdoba)
Plínio Pino (UFF)
Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas (ICTP)