Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Brazilian Political System & XI Parliament's Research and Extension Journey

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro July 05 – 09, 2021  Turned into an online event

From July 5 to 9, 2021, IMPA, Economics and Politics Research Group (EPRG), University of Brasilia (UnB) and the Parliament hold the “Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Brazilian Political System & XI Parliament’s Research and Extension Journey”.

It is an event in the virtual format, which unites the tradition and recognition in research of institutions such as IMPA and UnB with the consolidated space for discussion on the Brazilian parliament provided by the Research and Extension Days organized annually by the Graduate Program of the Chamber of Deputies.

The meeting will discuss the “Brazilian Political System”, including the electoral rules, the creation, financing and control of parties, candidacies, etc. The objective is to encourage debate about the virtues and problems of this system, as well as to analyze the need and convenience of changes and improvements.

The event should count on the participation of economists, political scientists, lawyers and other interested researchers. It will be held exclusively through virtual meetings (Zoom or Google Meet). We will have invited presentations, debates or panels with a group of researchers or authorities, and regular sessions, for the presentation of submitted articles.

We invite interested parties to submit articles for presentation at the event, observing the following criteria:

1. Articles can be submitted in the following ways:
a) complete article, up to 5,000 words (not counting the title, abstracts and references);
b) research papers, with a minimum of 5 pages.

2. In any case, it is suggested to use the model available in Template.

3. We request that there is no identification of the authors in the submitted .PDF.

4. Each author may submit up to 2 articles as the first author, and may appear as a co-author in other submitted articles.

5. Authors must indicate, at the time of submission, whether they wish the article to be considered for possible publication in a special section of the E-Legis Magazine, of the Graduate Program of the Parliament. The Scientific Committee will select the best works, whose authors will be invited to submit a review to E-Legis, according to the journal’s standards.

6. Articles can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Registration: Click here
Submission of articles: March 8th to April 26th, 2021 – Deadline finished!!

Topic suggestions

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of topics that may be addressed by the papers:
1. Public and private campaign financing
2. Parties: programmatic solidification and independent candidacies
3. Parties: dynamics of creation, competition and leadership power
4. Mode of election: closed lists vs. open lists
5. Mode of election: districtal, mixed and proportional votes
6. Social media, polarization and fake news
7. Corruption, its fight and the political use of complaints
8. Alignment of public interest and the interest of politicians, short-term vs. long term
9. Consolidation of institutions – power dynamics among republican institutions
10. Removal plebiscite (recall)
11. Division of power between federative entities
12. Direct democracy and use of technology in voting systems
13. Organization of the electoral process, its control, supervision and security, including printed vote
14. Relationship between the institutions of the Republic
15. Political role of the judiciary and judicial activism
16. Functioning of electoral justice
17. Other topics related to the Brazilian Political System


Organizing Committee

  • Luciano I. de Castro (IMPA)
  • Mauricio Bugarin (UnB)
  • Fabiano Peruzzo Schwartz (CEFOR – Câmara de Deputados)


Scientific Committee

  • Andrea Q. Dantas (AGU)
  • Bernardo Mueller (UnB)
  • Bruno Salama (FGV-Direito)
  • Carlos Pereira (FGV-EBAPE)
  • Chris Garman (Eurasia)
  • Fabiana Rocha (USP)
  • Fernando Meneguin (IDP)
  • Lorena Barberia (USP)
  • Lucio Rennó (UnB)
  • Marcus A. Melo (UFPE)
  • Maria Tereza Sadek (USP)
  • Mathieu Turgeon (Western Univ.)
  • Odilon Camara (USC)
  • Rafael Favetti (Favetti Advogados)
  • Renon Pessoa Fonseca (Cefor)
  • Silvio Cascione (Eurasia)
  • Terezinha Silva (Câmara dos Deputados)


Support Committee

  • Christina Lins​ (Câmara dos Deputados)
  • Isabel Lobo (Câmara dos Deputados)
  • Letícia Ribas (IMPA)
  • Paula Dugin (IMPA)
  • Suely Lima (IMPA)
  • Tatyana Maia (Câmara dos Deputados)



Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
Estrada Dona Castorina 110, Jardim Botânico
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22460-320, Brasil 


Cefor/Câmara dos Deputados
Complexo Avançado da Câmara dos Deputados –
Prédio do CEFOR / Bloco B – Sala 2. Via N3 – Projeção L – Setor de
Garagens Ministeriais Norte. CEP 70050-150 – Brasília – DF