Invited Speakers

Jaime Angulo (IME-USP, Brazil)
Stability of bump-like standing waves for the NLS equation with δ’-interaction

Thomas Duyckaerts (LAGA – Université Paris 13, France)
Exterior energy bounds for wave equations and applications

Luca Fanelli (Università di Roma, Italy)
Sharp Decay at distinct times for some dispersive equations

Luiz Gustavo Farah (UFMG, Brazil)
On the supercritical gKdV equation

Patrick Gérard (Orsay, France) 
On the half wave maps equation

Pedro Isaza (Universidad  Nacional, Colombia)
Exponential decay properties of solutions to the fifth-order KdV equation

Yvan Martel (École Polytechnique, France)
Minimal mass blow up solutions for critical nonlinear dispersive problems

Claudio Muñoz (Universidad  de Chile, Chile)
Decay properties in equations arising from fluids

Andrea Nahmod (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Global flows for random SQG

Kenji Nakanishi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Global dynamics below the ground state for the Zakharov system in four dimensions

Tohru Ozawa (Waseda University,  Japan)
Improved Hardy Inequalities

Ademir Pastor (Imecc – Unicamp, Brazil)
Orbital stability of traveling waves for dispersive models

Didier Pilod (University of Bergen, Norway)
Well-posedness for some dispersive perturbations of Burger’s equation

Pierre Raphaël (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France)

Jean-Claude Saut (Orsay,  France)
On fractional type KP equations

Svetlana Roudenko (The George Washington University, USA)
On spectral properties for blow-up and soliton stability in dispersive equations

Nicola Visciglia (Università di Pisa, Italy)
Conservation always and almost conservation laws for dispersive equations