XVIII Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade

Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, de 03/08 até 09/08

The Brazilian School of Probability (EBP) has been organized each year since 1997 by initiative of the Brazilian probabilistic community and planned as a forum for the discussion of new ideas and developments in Probability and related areas. It is an opportunity to detect new research directions and to establish new collaborations, and an excellent occasion for students to start their scientific life. The EBP has been organized by IMPA, UFRJ, IME-USP, IM-UFRJ, IMECC-UNICAMP, UFMG, UFPE… with the participation of IM-AGIMB and INCTMat, and has received support of several scientific societies and research agencies.

The 18th edition of the Brazilian School of Probability (XVIII EBP) will be organized by IMPA and PUC-RJ. The event will be held in Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, from 3 to 9 August, 2014.


Financial Support: June 10, 2014
Communication Submission: June 10, 2014





Poster Lecture


Organizing Committee

Patricia Gonçalves (PUC-RIO – Brazil)
Milton Jara (IMPA – Brazil)
Claudio Landim (IMPA – Brazil)
Augusto Teixeira (IMPA – Brazil)

Scientific Committee

Ines Armendariz (UBA – Argentina)
Pablo Ferrari (UBA – Argentina)
Luis Renato Fontes (USP – Brazil)
Patricia Gonçalves (PUC-RIO – Brazil)
Milton Jara (IMPA – Brazil)
Claudio Landim (IMPA – Brazil)
Augusto Teixeira (IMPA – Brazil)
Stefano Olla (Ceremade – France)


Julien Berestycki (UPMC – France)
Aspects of branching Brownian motion

Massimiliano Gubinelli (CEREMADE – France)
Applications of controlled functions to stochastic PDEs.

Poster session

Aniel Ojeda Alvarez (UFRJ, RJ, Brasil)
Finite range integer lattice stick process: microscopic and macroscopic models

Bruno dos Santos Gois (UFRN, UFRN, Brasil)
Zero-temperature limit of the Kawasaki dynamics for the ising lattice gas in the triangular lattice

Conrado Freitas Paulo da Costa (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
When Gronwall inequality is not enough: Some techniques involving the limit behaviour of a particle system

Cristel Ecaterin Vera Tapia (DEs-UFSCar/ICMC-USP,SP, Brasil)
Binary branching processes with Applications in bilology

Daniel Miranda Machado (UFABC, Sp, Brasil)
Invariance by quasi-isometries of sub and supercritical behaviors in Boolean Percolation

Diego Daltro Conceição (UFBA, Ba, Brasil)
Relative Entropy Method for Spatially Inhomogeneous Particle Systems

Diogo Soares Dórea da Silva (UFBA, Ba, Brasil)
Percolation, lattice animals and large deviations

Edgardo Pérez (IME/USP,SP, Brasil)
A Large Deviation Principle for the Equilibrium States on Markov Shifts: The Zero Temperature Case

Eric Ossami Endo (IME/USP,SP, Brasil)
Counting Contours in Trees

F. Hernández, M. Jara, F. J. Valentim (UFF,IMPA,UFES, Brasil)
Hydrodynamic limit for ultra-fast diffusion equation

Gerardo Barrera Vargas (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
Cut-off phenomenon in diffusions Markov processes

J. C. S. de Miranda (USP, SP, Brasil)
Intensity estimation for a compound Poisson driven differential model

J. Ricardo G. Mendonça (Esc.de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades, USP, SP, Brasil)
Restricted permutations and random $(0,1)$-matrices in symmetric simple exclusion processes in discrete time over graphs

Leonel Zuaznábar Moliner (UFRJ, RJ, Brasil)
Bounds for expected time to extinction and the probabiliy of extintion in the Galton – Watson process

Liliana Trejo Valencia (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Bolivia)
Projective convergence of measures

Mariana Tavares (UFBA, BA, Brasil)
Stochastic Hereditary Differential Equations and Portfolio Otimization problem

Mariela Penton Machado (UFRJ, RJ, Brasil)
Percolation in a dependente Random environment

Milton Jara (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
A Caffarelli-Silvestre representation of an 1/4-stable subordinator

Pedro Catuogno, (UNICAMP, SP, Brasil)
Renormalized-generalized solutions for the KPZ equation

Percy A. Caceres Tintaya (PUC-Rio, RJ, Brasil)
Riemann-Hilbert problems in random matrix theory

Rafael Castrequini (UNICAMP, SP, Brasil)
An Ito-Kunita-Wentzell type formula for rough paths

Rangel, Baldasso (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
Asymptotic Profiles of The Exclusion Process With Slow Boundary

Renata Vianna (UFBA, BA, Brasil)
KMP model and Fourrier´s law

Roberto Teodoro, Vladas Sidoravicius (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
Frozen-degree Percolation in the Square Lattice

Roberto M. Velho (IST- Universidade Técnica de Lisboa , Portugal)
Socio-economic applications of finite state mean field games

Roberto Vila Gabriel (UnB, DF, Brasil)
Duplicate ising model

Susana Frometa Fernandez (IMPA, RJ, Brasil)
Scaling limit for a truncated alpha-stable sandpile

Tertuliano Franco (UFBA,BA, Brasil)
Occupation times of exclusion processes with conductances



Registered participants



Registration is already open. To register please click in the link below and follow the intructions.

Category Prices
Students (Master and Ph.D) R$ 150.00
Professors (Ph.D´s) R$ 250.00

Abstract submission of a communication by any participant, intended to be presented as a poster or short talk, is also welcome. Participants must be registered in order to submit a communication. All submissions appear as ‘poster’. The number of short talks is limited and the selection will be done by the organizers.

Financial support is limited and preference will be given to participants who are presenting talks or posters.

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Short talks

Adriana Neumann (UFRGS, RS, Brasil)
Large deviations for the exclusion process with slow bond

Achillefs Tzioufas (UBA- Argentina)
On the regenerative nature of the extremal particles of supercritical contact processes in dimension one

Cristian Favio Coletti (CMCC – UFABC)
Absence of Percolation on Doubling Graphs

Daniil Ryabko (Inria Lille – France) 
Asymptotic Statistical Analysis Of Stationary Ergodic Time Series

Dimitris Cheliotis (University of Athens – Grécia)
Triangular matrices and biorthogonal ensembles

Glauco Valle (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)
Scaling limit of the radial Poissonian web

Jean-Francois Jabir (CIMFAV Fac.Ing.Univ.de Valparaíso – Chile)
Langevin processes with specular boundary conditions

Luiz Renato Fontes (University of São Paulo – Brasil)
Scaling limit of the hopping times dynamics for the GREM on a fine tuning regime

Marcin Lis (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
The Kac-Ward approach to the Ising model

Maria Eulália Vares (UFRJ – Brasil)
Phase transitions in layered systems

Marielle Simon (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon – France)
Macroscopic behavior for a chain of harmonic oscillators, perturbed by a degenerate stochastic noise

Markus Heydenreich (Leiden University)
Random walk on attractive interacting particle systems

Michail Loulakis (National Technical University of Athens – Greece)
Scaling limit of the condensate dynamics in a reversible zero range process

Nahuel Soprano Loto (Universidad de Buenos Aires – Argentina)
Phase transition for the clock model via random-cluster percolation

Paul Smith (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)
Subcritical bootstrap percolation models have nontrivial critical probabilities

Rémi CATELLIER (Université Paris Dauphine (CEREMADE) – França)
Perturbed differential equation and regularization by noise

Ricardo Misturini (IMPA – Brasil)
Zero-temperature limit of the abc model with non equal densities

Rodrigo Bissacot (USP e IME – Brasil)
Phase Transitions in Ferromagnetic Ising Models with Magnetic Fields

Sergio Lopez (UFRJ – Brasil)
Large deviations for proportional fairness allocations

Stefan Zohren (PUC-Rio e IME-USP – Brasil)
On the extreme and near-to-extreme eigenvalue statistics of random matrices

Tim Van Brug (VU University Amsterdam)
Convergence of the outer boundaries of random walk loop soup clusters to CLE

Willem Van Zuijlen (Leiden University)
Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions for mean-field systems by Brownian motions

Wladimir Neves (UFRJ – Brasil)
Stochastic (INTRINSIC) PDE

Yvain Bruned (Université Paris IV – Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
The generalized KPZ equation


Luca Avena (Leiden University – Holanda) 
On some random forests with determinantal roots

Vincent Beffara (ENS Lyon – France)
A few recent results on planar percolative systems

Alexander Fribergh (Université de Montreal – Canada)
Biased random walk on supercritical percolation clusters.

Alan Hammond (University of Oxford – UK)
KPZ Line Ensemble: a marriage of probability and integrability .

Remco van der Hofstad (TU Eindhoven – Netherlands)
Optimal routing on weighted random graphs and applications.

Gady Kozma (Weizmann – Israel)
Short laws for the symmetric group.

Hubert Lacoin (CNRS – France and IMPA – Brazil)
Mixing-time and cut-off window for the exclusion process on 1-dimensional graphs:

Andrea Montanari (Stanford University – US)
The hidden submatrix problem.

Daniel Remenik (Universidad de Chile)
Exact formulas for random growth off a flat interface.

Yvan Velenik (Université de Genève – Switzerland)
Upper bound on correlations for two-dimensional O(N)-symmetric models.

Transportation to Mambucaba

Going to Hotel do Bosque (Mambucaba) From Rio de Janeiro

Bus Departure: Sunday, August 3
Place: Rio de Janeiro – IMPA (Estrada Dona Castorina,110 – Jardim Botânico – RJ)
Time: 3:00PM
Those interested in using this transportation, shall send an e-mail message to ebp18@impa.br informing the name, ID number, RNE or passport (for foreign.)Until July 29.

Bus List  

Those participants who can not make to the bus departure on time, should follow these intructions to get to Mambucaba Click here

Back from Mambucaba to Rio de Janeiro
Bus Departure: Saturday, August 9 – Time: 2:00PM
Approximate arrival time at Rio de Janeiro: 6:00 pm

From São Paulo to Mambucaba: Please contact Prof. Vladimir Belitsky – (IME-USP)


Postal Address: Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
Estrada Dona Castorina 110, Jardim Botânico
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22460-320, Brasil 
E-mail: ebp18@impa.br