Joel Spencer (NYU Courant)
Preferential Attachment when Stable

János Pach (EPFL Renyi Institute)
Let’s talk about multiple crossings

Wojciech Samotij (Tel Aviv University)
Subsets of posets minimising the number of chains

Béla Bollobás (University of Cambridge)

Daniel Král’ (University of Warwick)
Uniqueness of optimal configurations in extremal combinatorics


Short Talks

Julian Sahasrabudhe (IMPA)
On Existentially Complete Triangle-free Graphs

Anita Liebenau (Monash University)
The degree sequence of a random graph

Antonio Girao (University of Cambridge)
Highly linked tournaments

Laszló Miklos Lóvasz (UCLA)
Arithmetic removal lemmas for triangles and k-cycles

Taisa Martins (University of Warwick)
Step Sidorenko property and non-norming edge-transitive graphs