Rational points / Pontos Racionais

Thematic Program on Algebraic Geometry

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, May, 25 – 29 






Organizing Committee

Asher Auel (Yale)
Oliver Lorsheid (IMPA)
Cecília Salgado (UFRJ)
Anthony Várilly-Alvarado (Rice)

Invited Speakers

Martin Bright (Univ. Leiden)
Failures of weak approximation in families

Cyril Demarche (Univ. Paris VI)
About local-global principles for homogeneous spaces with finite stabilizers

Ulrich Derenthal (Univ. Hanover)
Cox rings of cubic surfaces and Fano threefolds

Rachel Newton (Max Planck Institute)
Transcendental Brauer groups of products of elliptic curves

Raman Parimala (Emory Univ.)
Embedding tori in classical groups

Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College)
Rational points on Kummer K3 surfaces via variation of the Selmer group

Ronald van Luijk (Univ. Leiden)
Concurrent lines on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one

José Felipe Voloch (Univ. Texas)
Descent obstructions for varieties over function fields

Mini Courses

Minicurso 1: Diagonal arithmetics
Alena Pirutka (École Polytechnique)

Mini-curso 2: Rational points on rationally connected varieties over number fields
Olivier Wittenberg (École Norm. Sup.)


Automorphisms of an algebraic curve




Registration Fees

Category Fee
Researchers and Professors (Ph.D’s) R$ 50.00
Students (Master/Ph.D) R$ 25.00

List of Registered Participants


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Participants should check, as soon as possible (in view of the time it may take to obtain a visa), whether a visa is needed for Brazil. Visas are not required for Latin American and EU citizens. They are, however, required for all citizens of countries which request visas from Brazilian citizens. Please visit https://impa.br/opencms/en/eventos/informacao/informacoes_visto.htmlfor more information.

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Postal Address: Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
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E-mail: eventos@impa.br