Hyperbolic Geometry and Minimal Surfaces

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, from 01/04 to 01/10

Organizers: M. Belolipetsky, M. Bridgeman, J. Brock and H. Rosenberg

The study of hyperbolic manifolds has advanced considerably. Many problems and conjectures in the subject have recently been resolved. Incompressible surfaces in hyperbolic manifolds have played an important role in this research. Minimal surfaces have been used as well: embedded incompressible surfaces are isotopic to least area minimal surfaces. The conference will focus on various problems in the intersection of hyperbolic geometry and the minimal surface theory. We believe that a joint meeting of specialists in minimal surface theory and hyperbolic geometry will encourage collaboration to study the global geometry of minimal surfaces in hyperbolic manifolds.

The topics of the conference will include:

– Minimal surfaces in hyperbolic manifolds
– Min-max techniques in hyperbolic geometry
– Systoles in expanding families of hyperbolic manifolds





Poster Lecture


Invited Talks

Michael Anderson (Stonybrook)
Jeffrey Brock (Brown)
Fernando Coda Marques (Princeton)
Moon Duchin (Tufts)
Jose Espinar (IMPA)
Dave Gabai (Princeton)
Joel Hass (Davis)
Laurent Hauswirth (Paris-Est)
Zeno Huang (CUNY)
Stephen Kleene (Brown)
Steve Kerckhoff (Stanford)
Marc Lackenby (Oxford)
Laurent Mazet (Paris-Est- Creteil)
William Meeks (Amherst)
Andre Neves (Imperial College)
Ivaldo Nunes (São Luís)
Frank Pacard (École Polytechnique)
Hugo Parlier (Fribourg)
Alan Reid (Austin)
Regina Rotman (Toronto)
Hyam Rubinstein (Melbourne)
Stephane Sabourau (Paris-Est)

List of Registered Participants


Organizing Committee

Misha Belolipetsky (IMPA)
Martin Bridgeman (Boston College)
Jeff Brock (Brown University)
Harold Rosenberg (IMPA)


Registration Fees

Category Fee
IMPA’s Students R$ 40.00
Students (Master/Ph.D) R$ 60.00
Researchers and Professors (Ph.D’s) R$ 120.00


Poster Session

Carlos Jose Matheus (Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa)
A técnica de Redução

Mirjana Milijevic (Hokkaido University)
Totally real statistical submanifolds

Andrea Seppi (Dipartimento di Matematica Felice Casorati)
Minimal Surfaces in Hyperbolic space with “small” quasicircle at infinity



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