10º Encuentro Regional de Probabilidad y Estadística Matemática (ERPEM 2014)

High dimensional phenomena in Probability, Statistics and Signal Processing
Programa Temático – Teoria da Probabilidade e Mecânica Estatística Rigorosa

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, from 11/03 to 11/15, 2014

Special Introductory Course: Nov 3 – 7, 2014

“Randomness, matrices and high dimensional problems”
Afonso Bandeira (Princeton) and Roberto I. Oliveira (IMPA)

The Tenth Regional Meeting on Probability and Mathematical Statistics will be held at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from November 10th to 14th, 2014. As with previous ERPEMs, the goal of this meeting is to promote interactions amongst among advanced students, young researchers and leading experts of the region, to encourage new collaborations and allow for active exchange of ideas through informal discussions.

ERPEM 2014 will have a thematic focus on “High Dimensional Phenomena in Probability, Statistics and Signal Processing”, with a five-hour minicourse and four two-hour-long invited lectures covering topics related to Empirical Processes, Compressed Sensing and High Dimensional Sparse Statistics. We hope these activities will generate enthusiasm for these areas in the region. The program is complemented by a non-thematic special lecture, contributed talks and a poster session.

In addition to these activities, a week long introductory minicourse on “Randomness, Matrices and High Dimensional Problems” will be presented at IMPA on Nov 3rd-7th, 2014. This course is meant to facilitate active engagement in ERPEM, and should be accessible to all students and researchers with a solid understanding of basic measure-theoretic Probability.

Limited financial aid will be available for some participants. More information on aid applications and contributed talks and posters will be soon given in the event website.




Contributed Talk

Bernardo N. B. de Lima (UFMG)
Embedding binary sequences into Bernoulli site percolation on Z3

Ricardo Misturini (IMPA)
Metastability of reversible random walks in potential fields

Roberto I. Oliveira (IMPA)
The lower tail of random quadratic forms

Fábio Júlio Valentim (UFES)
Hydrodynamic limit for fast diffusion equation

Invited speakers

(two hour talks)

Afonso Bandeira (Princeton)
Sharp nonasymptotic bounds on the norm of random matrices with independent entries.

Holger Rauhut (Aachen)
Compressive Sensing with Structured Random Matrices.

Emile Richard (Stanford)
Some statistical results on structured array factorization problems.

Joel Tropp (Caltech)
Phase transitions in convex optimization problems with random data.

Special Talk

Antonio Galves (São Paulo)
Retrieving a hidden context tree model from EEG signals


Alex Belloni (Duke)
High Dimensional Estimation: from foundations to Econometric models

Organizing Committee

Alex Belloni (Duke)
Robert Morris (IMPA)
Roberto I. Oliveira (IMPA)




Prices for Registration

Category Prices
Professors (Ph.D´s) R$ 120,00
Students (Master and Ph.D) R$ 60,00
IMPA’s Students R$ 40,00

Registered Participants


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Postal Address: Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
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