Contributed Talks

Contributed Talk Program

Ademir Ribeiro (UFPR)
On the optimal separating hyperplane for arbitrary sets: a generalization of the support vector machine formulation and a convex hull approach

Alberto Ramos (UFPR)
On Constraint Qualifications for Multiobjective Optimization

Alexander Kruger (University of Australia)
Extremal principle: 40 years’ jubilee

Carolina Effio (COPPE/UFRJ)
A feasible direction interior point method for Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem with shared constraints

Damián Fernández (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)
Augmented Lagrangian quadratic growth and second-order sufficient optimality conditions

Felipe Ignacio Lara Obreque (Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile)
Global Directional Derivatives for Nonconvex Optimization Problems

Fernanda Raupp (IMPA)
Projection onto a level set of a quadratic function revisited

Gabriel Haeser (IMS-USP)
Two new optimality conditions for nonlinear symmetric cone programming

Jefferson G. Melo (UFG)
Convergence rate bounds for a proximal ADMM for solving nonconvex linearly constrained problems

João Carlos de Oliveira Souza (UFPI)
Accelerated proximal point method for DC functions on Hadamard manifolds

João Xavier da Cruz Neto (UFPI)
Computing Riemannian center of mass on Hadamard manifolds

Joaquim Júdice (Instituto Telecomunicações, Coimbra, Portugal)
An Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for the Eigenvalue Complementarity Problem

Leandro Prudente (IME-UFG)
On the extension of the Hager-Zhang conjugate gradient method for vector optimization

Léonard von Niederhäusern (Universidad de O’Higgins, Chile)
A Multi-Leader-Follower Game for Energy Demand-Side Management

Leonardo D. Secchin (Ufes/Ceunes)
Bilevel optimization with a multiobjective problem in the lower level

Leticia Becher (UFPR)
A modification of the LP-Newton method under the Hölder metric subregularity assumption

Luis Felipe Cesar da Rocha Bueno (Unifesp)
On the complexity of solving feasibility problems

Luis Mauricio Graña Drummond (FACC – UFRJ)
A conjugate directions method for multicriteria

Maicon Marques Alves (UFSC)
Relative-error inertial-relaxed inexact versions of Douglas-Rachford and ADMM splitting algorithms

Mario Souto (PUC-Rio)
Exploiting Low-Rank Structure in Semide nite Programming by Approximate Operator Splitting

Mauricio Romero Sicre (IME-UFBA)
On the complexity of some projective splitting methods for solving monotone inclusion problems

Natasa Krejic (University of Novi Sad)
Inexact restoration with subsampled trust-region methods for finite-sum minimization

Nicolas Fuentealba Armijo (USP)
Exact relaxations of non-convex trust region subproblems with an additional quadratic constraint

Orestes Bueno (Universidad del Pacífico, Peru)
On the construction of maximal p-cyclically monotone operators

Orizon P. Ferreira (UFG)
Iteration-complexity and asymptotic analysis of steepest descent method for multiobjective optimization on Riemannian manifolds

Paulo J. S. Silva (IMECC – UNICAMP)
Robust Nonlinear Support Vector Machine based on Difference of Convex Functions

Philip Thompson (University of Cambridge)
Topics in stochastic gradient approximation

Rafael Durbano Lobato (Università di Pisa, Italy)
SMS++: a Structured Modelling System for (Among Others) Multi-Level Stochastic Problems

Roberto Andreani (IMECC – UNICAMP)
New sequential optimality conditions for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints and algorithmic consequences

Roger Behling (UFSC)
On generalized circumcenters and applications

Teles Araújo Fernandes (UESB)
Damped Newton Method on Riemannian Manifolds

Thadeu Alves Senne (ICT – UNIFESP)
On the solution of nonlinear systems arising from topology optimization of structures under geometrical nonlinearities

Wilfredo Sosa (Graduate Program of Economics, UCP)
A variant of Equilibrium Problem

Yboon García (Universidad del Pacífico, Peru)
Lower limits of type (d) monotone operators in general Banach spaces

Yunier Bello-Cruz (Northern Illinois University)
A Semi-Smooth Newton Method for Projection Equations