Alexandre Ananin (ICMC-USP)

Misha Belolipetsky (IMPA)

Martin Bridgeman (Boston College)
Schwarzian derivatives, projective structures, and the Weil-Petersson gradient flow for renormalized volume

Richard Canary (Ann Arbor)

Sorin Dumitrescu (Nice)
Holomorphic Geometric Structures

Philip Engel (University of Georgia)
Integral-affine structures and compactification of K3 moduli

Vladimir Fock (Strasbourg) *

Victor Gerassimov (UFMG)

John Loftin (Rutgers)

Gabriele Mondello (Rome)

Dmitri Panov (King’s College London)
Modui spaces of spherical surfaces

Khadim War (IMPA)


*To be Confirmed