Invited Speakers


Penny Haxell (University of Waterloo)
Chromatic index of random multigraphs

Dhruv Mubayi (University of Illinois)
New Developments in Hypergraph Ramsey Theory

Andrew Thomason (Clare College Cambridge)
Containers – an overview

Jacques Verstraete (University of California at San Diego)
Clique and biclique covering problems

Short Talks

Louis DeBiasio (Miami University)
Spanning trees with few branch vertices

Jie Han (Inst. de Matemática, Est. e Ciência da Computação)
The complexity of perfect matchings and packings in dense hypergraphs

Richard Lang (University of Birmingham)
Partitioning non-complete graphs into monochromatic cycles

Eoin Long (Oxford)
Isoperimetric stability for the cube

Gweneth McKinley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Counting H-free graphs for bipartite H

Guilherme Mota (Universidade Federal do ABC)
Monochromatic trees in random graphs

Matías Pavez Signé (Universidad de Chile)
Embedding of trees with bounded maximum degree in dense graphs

Jozef Skokan (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Cycle Partitioning in Hypergraphs

Andrew Treglown (University of Birmingham)
Tilings in graphs and directed graphs