Variations of Hodge Structures

1. Hodge structures: definition and construction. Period space. Torelli theorems. Polarization. Cartan’s classification of symmetric Hermitian spaces and its applications to Hodge theory.
2. Variation of Hodge structures. Gauss-Manin connection. Griffiths transversality condition and its proof.
3. Holomorphic sectional curvature. Kobayashi metric. Generalized Schwarz-Pick lemma and its applications to variations of Hodge structures.
4. Griffiths’ theorem on rigidity of variations of Hodge structures (two polarized VHS on the same flat bundle over a compact manifold are equal if they are equal in one point). Deligne’s theorem on semisimplicity of monodromy representations.
5. Griffiths’ proof that the period map on Poincare disk is distance-decreasing. Quasi-unipotency of monodromy of a polarized VHS on a punctured disk.
6. Simpson’s construction of VHS from stable Higgs bundles and its application to uniformization (without a proof).

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