Combinatória Probabilística

this advanced-level course we will study some advanced applications of probabilistic methods in combinatorics and combinatorial number theory, including:

  • The Erdös–Rényi random graph (chromatic number, threshold for spanning subgraphs).
  • The Lovász Local Lemma, and applications.
  • Dependent random choice, and applications in extremal graph theory, Ramsey theory, and additive combinatorics.
  • Applications of quasirandomness in Ramsey theory.
  • Martingales and concentration inequalities.
  • Random graph processes (the Rödl nibble, the differential equations method), and applications to number theory.
  • Discrepancy (six standard deviations suffice, the Beck–Fiala theorem).
  • The method of hypergraph containers, and applications to random graphs.

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