Workshop on Dynamical Systems

UFBA, Bahia, de 16/10 até 22/10, 2011


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Speakers and Abstracts

Vítor Araújo (UFRJ)
Title: Robust exponential decay of correlations for singular-flows.

Pierre Berger (IMPA)
Title: Uniqueness of the maximal entropy measure and Hausdorff dimension of the exceptional set of Hénon maps.

Rodrigo Bissacot (IME-USP)
Title: On the existence of maximizing measures for irreducible countable Markov shifts: a dynamical proof

Armando Castro (UFBA)
Title: On linear response formula for equilibrium states.

Thiago Catalan (UFU)
Title: A generic condition for existence of symbolic extension of volume preserving diffeomorphisms.

Daniel Coronel (Puc-Chile)
Title: Linearly repetitive Delone sets in Euclidean space are rectifiable.

Lorenzo Díaz (PUC-RJ)
Title: Everything I always wanted to know about porcupines but were afraid to ask.

Eduardo Garibaldi (Unicamp)
Title: Freezing the eigenfunction of the transfer operator.

Katrin Gelfert (UFRJ)
Title: Non-hyperbolic structures of geodesic flows on compact rank-1 surfaces.

Ali Golmakani (UFRJ)
Title: Lorenz attractors in unfoldings of homoclinic flip bifurcations.

Pablo Guarino (IMPA)
Title: Rigidity for Smooth Critical Circle Maps.

Andrew Hammerlindl (IMPA)
Title: The Dynamics of Quasi-isometric Foliations.

M. Alejandra R. Hertz (Imerl)
Title: Necessary conditions for dynamical coherence..

Godofredo Iommi (PUC-Chile)
Title: Multifractal analysis of Birkhoff averages.

Yuri Ki (PUC-RJ)
Title: Heterodimensional cycles.

Juan Rivera-Letelier (PUC-Chile)
Title: Thermodynamic formalism of one-dimensional maps under a weak hyperbolicity assumption.

Cristina Lizana (ULA-Venezuela)
Title: Robust Transitivity for Endomorphisms.

Artur Lopes (UFRGS)
Title: On the thin boundary of the fat atractor.

Christian Mauduit (AIX / IMPA)
Title: On the moments of the Thue Morse sequence

Leonardo Mora (ULA-Venezuela)
Title: On a Singer theorem for certain plane maps.

Carlos Gustavo Moreira (IMPA)
Title: On geometrical properties of horseshoes in arbitrary dimensions.

Maria José Pacífico (UFRJ)
Title: Fastly decay for fiber contracting maps versus Lorenz-like attractors.

Jacob Palis (IMPA)
Title: Future predictions and uncertainty.

Alberto Pinto (Universidade do Minho)
Title: Tilings on the real line and Anosov diffeomorphisms.

Mario Ponce (PUC-Chile)
Title: Dynamics of parabolic skew-products maps, flowers petals and cohomological equations.

Luciano Prudente (UFRJ)
Title: Existence and Uniqueness of equilibrium states for one dimensional maps with singularities.

Feliks Przytycki (Impan)
Title: Geometric pressure for multimodal maps of interval.

Irene Inoquio-Renteria (USP-São Carlos)
Title: Expanding property of the equilibrium states in one dimensional dynamics.

Jerome Rousseau (UFBA)
Title: Poincare recurrence for observations.

Luciana Salgado (UFRJ)
Title: On invariant decompositions, dominated splittings and sectional-hyperbolicity.

Samuel Senti (UFRJ)
Title: A Thermodynamical Study of the Henon Family at the First Bifurcation.

Katsutoshi Shinohara (PUC-RJ)
Title: A new example of wild diffeomorphisms.

Pablo Shmerkin (University of Surrey)
Title: Resonance, dissonance, and non-commutative Rudolph-Johnson-Host phenomena.

Daniel Smania (ICMC-USP)
Title: Renormalization for multimodal maps is hyperbolic.

Javier Solano (UFF)
Title: Absolutely continuous invariant measures for weak expanding skew-products.

Manuel Stadlbauer (UFBA)
Title: On extensions by amenable groups.

Ali Tahzibi (USP-São Carlos)
Title: Absolute continuity of invariant foliations for partially hyperbolic diffemorphisms.

Hiroki Takahasi (Tokyo Univ)
Title: Full large deviation principle for Benedicks-Carleson quadratic maps.

Raul Ures (Imerl)
Title: Partial hyperbolicity and ergodicity in dimension 3

Sandro Vaienti (Université du Sud Toulon-Var)
Title: Metastabilty and extreme value theory for random dynamics.

Erick Velázquez (IMPA)
Title: Projections of cartesian products of regular Cantor sets.

Carlos Vasquez (Universidade Catolica de Valparaiso)
Title: Partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms whose central direction is mostly expanding.

Yiwei Zhang (Exeter Univ)
Title: On the dimension of general Moran sets constructions (Joint work with Mark Holland).

Posters and Abstracts

Imran Ahmed (USP – S. Carlos)
Title: Polar Cremona Transformations and Milnor Algebras.

Alma Armijo (UFRJ)
Title: Entropy-expansiveness for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms

Sara Borges (UFRJ)
Title: Applications of the Hausdorff dimension for Markov maps of the interval.

Welington Cordeiro (UFRJ) and Bernardo Carvalho (UFRJ)
Title: $C^1$ generic diffeomorphisms that has a shadowable bi-Lyapunov stable homoclinic class are Anosov.

Braulio Garcia (IME-USP)
Title: On the dynamics of homeomorphisms of the torus homotopic to Dehn twists.

Isaia Nisoli (UFRJ)
Title: A simple approach to rigorous approximation of invariant measures.

Simon Lloyd (IME-USP)
Title: Spectral properties of random expanding maps

Valentín Mogollon (IME-USP)
Title: Pruning theory and the Hénon family

Rodrigo Montes (UFPR)
Title: A Congruence Theorem for Minimal Surfaces in S^5

Juliano Oler (UFU)
Title: A brienf study on K-expanding flows

Raquel Ribeiro (UFRJ)
Title: Flows with the (asymptotic) average shadowing property on three-dimensional closed manifolds

Bruno Santiago (UFRJ)
Title: Some recent results about ergodic properties of generic diffeomorphisms.

Mariana Pinheiro G.da Silva (UFRJ)
Title: Existence of equilibrium states and continuity of physical measures.

Tatiana Sodero (UFRJ)
Title: Sectional-Anosov flows on certain compact 3-manifolds

Jean Venatto (UFU)
Title: Jacobian Conjecture: a small advance for a big problem.

How to go From the Airport to Hotel Portobello and Oceanico:


When leaving the airport, just in front there is a tourist bus stop. This bus comes from the airport through all the beaches and costs R$ 4,00. It is very comfortable with air-conditioning. It leaves each half an hour and passes exactly in front of Portobello and Oceanico Hotels, in Ondina.


Another option is taking a taxi at the airport that will cost around R$ 70,00 reais. If you share the taxi it will cost less


Prices for Registration


Professors, Researchers and Pos-Doctoral R$ 150.00
Students (Master and Ph.D) R$ 70.00

Registration fee for Faculty members and Students from Bahia – R$50,00 – R$30,00 respectively .

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