Mathematical Methods and Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena – 2009

Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro March 15 -21, 2009 

This is the sixth of a series of workshops organized by IMPA aiming at bringing together a multidisciplinary group of scientists to study problems in the biophysical sciences upon which mathematics may have an impact. 

This year’s main topics are:

  • Modelling in Biology, Ecology, and Epidemiology
  • Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Kinetic Theory
  • Identification and Inverse Problems in Biology
  • Learning Theory
  • Structured-Population Dynamics

 Scientific Committee

P. Markowich (Cambridge & Vienna)
B. Perthame (Paris)
J.P.Zubelli (IMPA)

 International Participant List

V. Calvez (Paris)
F. Chalub (Lisboa)
J. Clairambault (INRIA)
K. Fellner (Cambridge)
G. Huber  (Farmington)
A. Marciniak (Heidelberg)
J. Mitchell (Wisconsin)
C. Mocenni (Siena)
D. Oelz (Vienna)
J. Pacheco (Lisboa)
C. Schmeizer (Vienna)
E. Sparacino (Siena)
C. Turner (Cordoba)
M. Ward (Vancouver)


Local Committee 

L. Bevilacqua (LNCC)
J. Koiller (FGV)
M. O. Souza (UFF)


Mathematics of Pattern Formation in Biosciences

Anna Marciniak (Heidelberg)
Benoit Perthame UPMC & INRIA (Paris)

  1. Introduction to Turing-type pattern formation
  2. Diffusion-driven instability in reaction-diffusion system
  3. Nonlinear example of Turing-type model
  4. Turing instability and Darwin evolution
  5. Diffusion-driven instability versus multistability in developmental pattern formation

Introdution to the evolutionary dynamics.

Fabio Chalub (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

In the year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin, nothing better than a survey in the mathematics of the theory of evolution.

In this series of two lectures, we will present simple and hot topics associated to the rigorous study of the evolution. This will include the Hardy-Weinberg law, discrete and continuous evolutionary process and an introduction to the evolutionary game theory.




Financial Support

                            CNPq                                   CAPES                      

Postal Address: Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
Estrada Dona Castorina 110, Jardim Botânico
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22460-320, Brasil