Poster Session

Gerusa A. de Araújo
Stokes flows, optical tweezers, nonholomic constraints

Marcelo Ferreira da Costa Gomes
The SIR Model with Delay for Epidemic Dynamics

Marco Antonio da Silva Lopes
Fourier Analysis in Biology

Pedro Diego Clop
Fractal kinetics of onitrophenylgalactopiranoside hydrolysis catalyzed by betaGalactosidase confined in a LangmuirBlodgett film

Jackelyn Kembro
Long Range Correlations in the Walking Pattern of Japonese Quails in Home Cage and exposed to a mild acute stressor

Emiliano Sparacino
Modeling and Parameter Identification of an Aquatic Eco-System: The Serra da Mesa Example

Sergio Galvão Coutinho
Gaussian Angular Walk Driving Protein Folding

Sonia Palomino Bean
Coexistence in preypredator multispecies with switching