Particle ows and geodesics in a random metric space
Daniel Ahlberg (IMPA)

Water waves over irregular bottoms
David Andrade (IMPA)

Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry – CEPID-CeMEAI
José Alberto Cuminato (ICMC-USP)

Susie Douglas (Bath – Funding)

Complex Fluids with Memory
Jonathan Evans (Bath)

A Model for the Impact of a Superhydrophobic Sphere onto a Bath and Application to Bouncing Droplets
Carlos Galeano-Rios (Bath)

Moderate deviations of random graph subgraph counts
Simon Griffiths (PUC)

Simple adaptive feedback control for positive state systems with potential applications to pest management
Chris Guiver (Bath)

Non-equilibrium fluctuations of interacting particle systems
Milton Jara (IMPA)

Cutoff phenomenon for the asymmetric simple exclusion process and the biased card shuffling
Hubert Lacoin (IMPA)

A reaction-diffusion model
Claudio Landim (IMPA)

Spontaneously stochastic solutions from singular initial data
Alexei Mailybaev (IMPA)

The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals: Merging Theory, Simulations and Experiments
Apala Majumdar (Bath)

Paul Milewski (Bath – SAMBa)

Kinetically constrained spin models and bootstrap percolation
Rob Morris (IMPA)

Spatial preferential attachment networks
Peter Morters (Bath)

A numerical study of the Oldroyd-B fluid in the natural stress formulation
Cassio M. Oishi (UNESP)

Variational inequalities and random data
Roberto Imbuzeiro de Oliveira (IMPA)

Branching random walks in random environment
Marcel Ortgiese (Bath)

Viscoelastic Tides: Models for Use in Celestial Mechanics
Clodoaldo Ragazzo (IME-USP)

Flow structure beneath rotational water waves with stagnation points
Roberto Ribeiro (UFPR)

Epidemics on networks: the risky and the at-risk
Tim Rogers (Bath)

Multi-particle diffusion limited aggregation
Alexandre Stauffer (Bath)

Sharpness of the phase transition for continuum percolation on R2
Augusto Teixeira (IMPA)

Time reversal of waves in random media
Daniel G. Alfaro Vigo (UFRJ)

Multilayered flows in the shallow-water limit: formulation and stability
Francisco de Melo Viríssimo (Bath)

Numerical methods for fractional convection-diffusion equations
Yuan Jin Yun (UFPR)

A higher order Internal Wave Model
Ailín Ruiz de Zárate (UFPR)

A Non-intrusive Stratified Resampler for Regression Monte Carlo
Jorge Zubelli (IMPA)