Workshop Geometric Analysis em parceria com o Institut Fourier - Grenoble

Em parceria com o Institut Fourier (Grenoble)

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, de 16/11 até 26/11, 2010

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together specialists from Brazil and from France, and their PhD students, to report on recent developments in geometric analysis and in particular in the domains of Ricci Flow and Conformal deformations and their applications to geometry. The workshop will take place at IMPA, and aims at developing the scientific interactions between Institut Fourier (Université de Grenoble) and the Brazilian community. It will consist of four mini-courses and some invited lectures. Ample time will be left for interactions and discussions. We hope to be able to provide financial support to some Ph.D. students.

Scientific and Organizing Committee

Fernando Codá Marques (IMPA)
Pierre Bérard (Institut Fourier)
Gérard Besson (Institut Fourier)


First week

Conformal deformations of metrics and applications to rigidity of closed manifolds,
by Zindine Djadli (Université de Grenoble, Institut Fourier)

Curvature flows and scalar curvature problems,
by Fernando Codá Marques (IMPA)

Second week

Variants of Ricci flow with surgery and applications,
by Laurent Bessiéres (Université de Grenoble, Institut Fourier)

Geometry of Ricci solitons for Ricci flows,
by Detang Zhou (Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF)


Tuesday 16

Embedding Riemannian manifolds by their Heat Kernel
Gérard Besson

Wednesday 17

Geometry of gradient Ricci solitons whose curvatures are not nonnegative
Chih-Wei Chen

Friday 19

Local rigidity and bifurcation for equivariant geometric variational problems
Paolo Piccione

Monday 22

Blow-up phenomena for scalar-flat metrics on manifolds with boundary
Sérgio Almaraz

Tuesday 23

Constant mean curvature surfaces in metric Lie groups
William Meeks

Wednesday 24

Ricci-Yang-Mills flows and the boundary of Anosov metrics
Rafael Ruggiero

Thursday 25

Fourth order curvature flows and geometric applications
Vincent Bour

Maximal Analytic Extensions of the Emparan-Reall Black Ring
Julien Cortier

Orbifold degeneration of conformally compact Einstein metrics
Frederico Girao

Friday 26

Steady gradient Ricci soliton with curvature in L^1
Alix Deruelle

A Differentiable Classification Result for Complete Submanifolds
Ezequiel Rodrigues

Embeddings by eigenfunctions II, Applications to imaging.
Pierre Bérard







Students who need financial support are requested to ask a university professor to send a recommendation letter to .

Os estudantes que necessitam de suporte financeiro, por favor , solicitem a um professor universitário uma carta de recomendação. A carta deverá ser enviada para .

Prices for Registration

IMPA Students R$ 30.00
Students (Masters and Ph. D’s ) R$ 50.00
Professors, Researchers and Pos-Doctoral R$ 100.00

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