Flavio Abdenur
Robust transitivity, partial hyperbolicity, and homoclinic classes

José Ferreira Alves
From Mixing Rates to Recurrence Times

Martin Andersson
Stable ergodicity of dominated systems

Vitor Araujo
Multidimensional Rovella-like attractors

Alexander Arbieto
Characterizations of Sectional Hyperbolic Sets

Marie-Claude Arnaud
Tonelli Hamiltonians : some new facts about their Lyapunov exponents and the regularity of their minimizing measures

Artur Avila
The spectral dichotomy for one-frequency Schrodinger operators

Pierre Berger
Abundance of one dimensional non-uniformly hyperbolic attractors for surface endomorphisms

Carlos Bocker
Continuity of lyapunov exponents for Random 2d-Matrices

Christian Bonatti
Towards a global view of dynamical systems, for the C1- topology

Araceli Bonifant
On the dynamics of cubic maps

Xavier Buff
Pluripolar dynamical currents

Patrice Le Calvez
On abelian group of measure preserving plane dif- feomorphisms

André de Carvalho
Paper surfaces and dynamical limits

Eleonora Catsigeras
Observable measures

Claire Chevaudret
Almost reducibility of analytic quasi-periodic cocycles

Amadeu Delshams
A Geometric Mechanism For Diffusion in a Priori Unstable Hamiltonian Systems

Hakan Eliasson
Reducibility for quasi-periodic co-cycles in finite and in infinite dimension

Albert Fathi
Time functions for cone structures

Bassam Fayad
Uniform distribution mod 1 on tori

Andy Hammerlindl

Integrability of Smooth Invariant Distributions

Alejandra R. Hertz
A Generic Dichotomy in Dimension 3: Zero Lyapunov Exponents or Ergodicity

Federico Rodriguez-Hertz
Some problems related to geometric topology in dynamics

Renato Iturriaga
Selection of solutions of the Hamilton Jacobi equation

Vadim Kaloshin
Homoclinic tangencies for area-preserving maps

Konstantin Khanin
Dynamics of Lagrangian particles beyond shocks

Jan Kiwi
Rescaling limits of complex rational maps

Alejandro Kocsard
On the smooth cohomology of low-dimensional quasi-periodic diffeomorphisms

Andres Koropecki
Consequences of the Shadowing Property

Raphael Krikorian
On a problem of Herman

Rafael Labarca
Bifurcation of Lorenz maps and Lorenz like flows: The bifurcation diagram and the variation of the entropy for the contracting case

Jeroen Lamb
Homoclinic bifurcation with symmetry

François Ledrappier
Entropies for covers of compact Riemannian manifolds

Renaud Leplaideur
On the problem of phase transitions

Artur O. Lopes
Thermodynamic Formalism at temperature zero, transport and the limit of eigenfunctions of the Ruelle operator

Stefano Luzzatto
Geometry of expanding measures

Mikhail Lyubich
The Full Renormalization Horseshoe, old and new

Roberto Markarian
Non-elastic billiards with dominted splitting

Marco Martens
Henon Renormalization

Christian Mauduit
Extracting square and prime numbers from the Thue Morse sequence

John Milnor
Growth and Form: Conformal Biology?

Martin Moeller
Orbit closures of Teichmuller discs: The role of Hilbert modular varieties

Sheldon Newhouse
Verfied Numerical Methods in Smooth Dynamical Systems

Fernando Oliveira
On the frontier of open invariant sets for area preserving homeomorphisms

Krerley Oliveira
Lyapunov Exponents, Recurrence and Non-uniform Specification

José Pacífico
On the dynamics of the Yoccoz-Birkeland model for the populational evolution of Microtus Epiroticus

Mauricio Peixoto/Ferry Kwakkelavila
On Focal Decomposition

Vilton Pinheiro
New Topological Invariant for Non Uniformly Expanding Dynamics

Enrique Pujals/P.Cirilo
On the influence of Jacob’s contribution

Clodoaldo Ragazzo
On second order scalar ordinary differential equations:global normal forms

Angel Rodríguez
Synchronization and Chaos in Couplesynchronization and Chaos in Coupled Systemsd Systems

Roland Roeder
Lee-Yang zeros and rational dynamics in two variables

Pedro Antonio Salomão
Reeb flows on S^3

Martin Sambarino
Homoclinic tangencies and Partial Hyperbolicity

Carlos Matheus Santos
Square-tiled cyclic covers and totally degenerate origamis

Benoit Saussol
Central Limit Theorem for dimension of Gibbs measures in hyperbolic dynamics

Paul A. Schweitzer
Normal Subgroups of Diffeomorphism and Homeomorphism Groups of Rn and Other Open Manifolds

Jose Seade
On the topology of singular foliations

Mike Shub
Convexity and the Condition Number

Waliston Luiz Silva/Carlos Gustavo Moreira
Geometric Properties of Hyperbolic Sets In Dimension Three

Daniel Smania
Renormalization for Some Piecewise Smooth Homeomorphisms of The Circle

Sebastian Van Strien
Dynamics associated to games: Hamiltonian and chaotic dynamics

Ali Tahzibi
On non-uniform hyperbolicty of measures of maximal entropy for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms

Geovan Tavares
At the crossroads: a dynamic affair

Sergey Tikhomirov
Lipschitz Shadowing imply Structural Stability

Alien Herrera Torres
Simplicity of the Lyapunov spectrum of multidimensional continued fraction algorithms

Raúl Ures
A Non-Dynamically Coherent Example in T3

Edson Vargas
Transitive Dynamics and Dirac Physical Measures

Carlos Vasquez
Bowen Measures for Derived from Anosov Diffeomorphisms

Alberto Verjovsky
A smooth codimension-one foliation of the 5-sphere by symplectic leaves

Anton Zorich
Lyapunov exponents of the Teichmuller flow, determinant of Laplacian, and volumes of moduli spaces of quadratic differentials

Anne Marie Wilkinson
Ergodicity of the Weil-Petersson geodesic flow on moduli space

Jiagang Yang
Srb Measures And Absolute Continuity For One-Dimensional Center Direction

Jean-Christophe Yoccoz
Linearization of generalized interval exchange maps