Poster Session

Pablo Gutiérrez Barrientos
Homoclinic Orbits in Generic Unfoldings of Nilpotent Singularities

Sonia Pinto Carvalho/Sylvie Kamphorst
Periodic orbits of generic oval billiards. Nonlinearity

Thiago Aparecido Catalan
A Generic Lower Bound for Topological Entropy and No Existence of Symbolic Extension for Non Anosov Symplectic Diffeomorphisms

Kleyber Mota da Cunha
Generalized Interval Exchange Maps

Eduardo Garibaldi
Average sex ratio and population maintenance cost

Peter Hazard
Hénon-Like Maps and Renormalisation

Carlos Maquera
Integrable Codimension one Anosov Actions of Rk

Valentín Mendoza
A Frente de Poda na Ferradura de Smale

Ricardo Miranda
Invariant cylinders of Hamiltonian systems near integrable ones having a return map equal to the identity

Jean Venato Santos
Planar Foliationsa and Vector Fields With an Unique Singularity of Saddle Type

Walter T. Huaraca Vargas
About a Morses Conjecture for R2-Actions on 3-Manifolds

Helder Vilarinho
Strong Stochastic Stability for Nonuniformly Expanding Maps