Eigenvalue analysis of linear complementarity systems
Alberto Seeger – Universidade de Avignon, França

On critical Lagrange multipliers
Alexei Izmailov – State University of Moscow, Rússia

A new method for nonlinear programming with extension to variational inequalities
Alfred Auslender – Université de Lyon 1, França

Alfredo, from Feasibility to Optimization and Inverse Problems
Alvaro de Pierro – UNICAMP, Brasil

Constrained optimization by low rank updating
Andreas Griewank – Humboldt Universität, Alemanha

Projective splitting methods for the sum of monotone operators and the hybrid proximal-projection
methodBenar Fux Svaiter – IMPA, Brasil

Nesterov’s optimal descent method for differentiable convex functions and extensions
Clovis Gonzaga – UFSC, Brasil

Augmented Lagrangian and splitting proximal algorithms for variational inequalities:
applications to dynamical games, PDE’s and optimal control
Hedy Attouch – Université de Montpelier 2, França

Proximal methods for nonlinear programming: double regularization and inexact subproblems
Jonathan Eckstein – Rutgers University, USA

Inexact restoration for electronic structure calculations
José Mario Martínez – UNICAMP, Brasil

Identifying structure of nonsmooth convex functions by the bundle technique
Mikhail Solodov – IMPA, Brasil

A primal-dual modified subgradient algorithm with Augmented Lagrangians
Regina Burachik – University of South Australia, Australia

On the complexity of the hybrid proximal extragradient method for the iterates and the ergodic mean
Renato Monteiro – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Approaches to risk in optimization under uncertainty
R.T. Rockafellar – Washington University, USA

Preconditioned Iterative Methods for solving indefinite problems
Yuan Jin Yun – UFPR, Brasil