Contributed Talks

A proximal-like algorithm with regularized logarithmic barrier
R. Gárciga

Proximal methods for the resolution of variational problems
L. Parente

A proximal method with separable Bregman distances for quasiconvex minimization
over the nonnegative orthant
S.S. Souza

Dual convergence for penalty proximal point algorithms in convex programming
F. Álvarez

Outer approximation schemes for generalized semi-infinite variational inequality problems
J. Lopes

An explicit method for variational inequalities
J.Y. Bello Cruz

Korpelevich’s method for variational inequality problem in Banach spaces
M. Nasri

Semismooth methods for a hemivariational inequality
V.A. Kovtunenko

Motzkin decomposition of closed convex sets
J.E. Martínez-Legaz

Subdifferential estimate of the classical directional derivative for lower semicontinuous functions
M. Lassonde

An extension of Fenchel’s conjugation
A.A. Ribeiro

A globalized Newton’s method for minimizing matrix functions
M.C. Maciel

A semismooth Newton method for the continuous quadratic knapsack problem
P.J. Silva e Silva

A Gauss-Newton-type method for differentiable exact penalties
E.H. Fukuda

An inexact projection method for an equilibrium problem in a Hilbert space
S. Scheimberg

An existence result for equilibrium problems with some surjectivity consequences
W. Sosa

Local convergence of the proximal point method for a special class of nonconvex functions on Hadamard manifolds
O.P. Ferreira

Bregman proximal algorithms for solving variational inequality problems
on Riemannian manifolds
E.A. Papa Quiroz

Optimization over the efficient set of multi-objective convex optimal control problems
C.Y. Kaya

Numerical solution of a minimax optimal control problem using the Pontryagin maximum principle
L. Aragone

Application of parametric optimization techniques for optimal control
O. Vasilieva

Preconditioned Iterative Methods for solving indefinite problems
Yuan Jin Yun

Allocation of firm-energy rights among hydro agents
M. Fampa

Risk-averse adaptive strategies for large-scale multistage stochastic linear programming
V. Gigues

Hedging under proportional transaction costs
B. Rudloff

Impact of the crude pre-heating trains in the optimization of a crude distillation unit system
D.C. López Cárdenas

Partial spectral projected gradient method with active-set strategy for linearly constrained optimization
M. Andretta

A predictor-corrector method for the Generalized Nonlinear Complementarity Problem in polyhedral cones
W.V.I. Shirabayasi

A hybrid predictor-corrector-proximal-point method for the linear monotone complementarity problem
M. Romero Sicre

A projected gradient method for vector optimization with relative error and inexact line searches
L.M. Graña Drummond

A quasi-Newton algorithm for multiobjective optimization
Fernanda Raupp

Conjugate directions in multicriteria optimization
L.R. Lucambio Pérez

A reliable method for obtaining the complete weakly efficient set of nonlinear biobjective optimization problems
J. Fernández Hernández

Convex representations of maximal monotone operators in nonreflexive Banach spaces
M.M. Alves

Maximality and continuity
E. Ocaña

Single-directional property of multivalued maps and lack of metric
Y. García

Outer Trust-Region method for constrained optimization
E.G. Birgin

A trust region algorithm for optimization without derivatives
E. Karas

A quasi-Newton strategy for the stabilized sequential quadratic programming method for variational inequality and optimization problems.
D. Fernández

Attitude control problems by Sequential Quadratic Programming
V.L.R. Lopes

Bundle methods for nonconvex optimization
C. Sagastizábal

On the method of Moving Asymptotes for structural optimization: a relaxed and globally convergent version
S. Santos

Derivative-free optimization
M.A. Diniz-Ehrhardt

Convex analysis for set and vector valued functions
A.H. Hamel

A topological Mountain Pass Lemma and its implications regarding the uniqueness of constrained minimizers
W. Mascarenhas

The Constant Rank Condition is a second order constraint qualification
M.L. Schuverdt

On generalizations of the AGP optimality condition
R. Andreani

An incomplete oblique projections method for solving large-scale box constrained least squares problems
H. Scolnik

A generalized like-distance in convex programming
R. Castillo

Using different gradient formulae for inverse problems in ODE models
J.A. Gómez

The bounded cycle cover problem
I. Loiseau

Algebraic connectivity for classes of caterpillars
C.M. Justel

Some completion problems
I.T. Matos

Computational optimization of wireless telecommunication networks
J. Fliege

Continuous optimization in improving productivity and capacity utilization in manufacturing of seasonal products
A.A. Elimam

Optimal auction with a general distribution: virtual valuation without a density
P. Klinger