• L. Alías
Geometric applications of the generalized Omori-Yau maximum principle

• F. Codá
Deforming three-manifolds with positive scalar curvature

• T. Colding
Singularities of mean curvature flow

• E. García-Rio
Osserman manifolds

• M. Ghomi
Four-vertex theorems in Riemannian surfaces

• C. Gorodski
Homogeneous isoparametric submanifolds of type An in Hilbert spaces

• J. Lauret
Homogeneous Ricci flows and solitons

• J. Lira
Conformal Killing graphs with prescribed mean curvature

• B. Meeks
The local and global geometry of embedded minimal and CMC surfaces in 3-manifolds.

• C. Olmos
Submanifolds and Berger-type theorems

• G. Paternain
On the stability condition in Symplectic Topology

• P. Piccione
Bifurcation of Constant Mean Curvature Tori in Euclidean Spheres

• H. Rosenberg
The geometry of surfaces in 3-dimensional homogeneous spaces

• N. Sesum
Conditions on extending the Ricci flow and the mean curvature flow

• R. Tojeiro
Genuine Deformations of Submanifolds

• B. Wilking
Sharp estimates for the Ricci flow

• J. Wolf
The geometry of complex manifolds related to group representation theory

• W. Ziller
Manifolds with Positive Sectional Curvature