Alexey Glutsyuk
Unique ergodicity of horocyclic foliations revisited

Bertrand Deroin
Contraction phenomena for random compositions of conformal

Foliations with Kupka set on projective spaces, a cerveau-Lins Neto conjecture

Charles Favre
Dynamics of polynomial maps of C2 near infinity

David Marín
Topological aspects of planar singularities of holomorphic foliations

Dmitry Novikov
Progress toward Analogue of Varchenko-Khovanskii theorem in Darboux case

Dominique Cerveau
Le véritable portrait de phase du vénérable Alcides Lins Neto

Ernesto Rosales
Analyticity of formal normal forms of germs of generic dicritic foliations

Felippo Cano
Zariski local uniformization for vector fields

Frederic Touzet
Codimension one holomorphic foliations with trivial canonical class

Ignacio Luengo
Nu-quasiordinary polynomial, Newton trees and applications

Israel Vainsencher
Degrees of strara of foliations with higher/dicritical singularities

Jesus Muciño
Vector fields and algebraic non-singular fibrations

Julie Deserti
Groupe de cremona, aspects algébriques et dynamiques

Laura Ortiz
Formal and analytic invariantsof dicritic foliations

Lubomir Gavrilov
Higher order Poincaré-Pointryagin functions and iterated path integrals

Marco Brunella
On a Theorem of Alcides

Nessim Sibony
Unique ergodicity for holomorphic foliations in P2

Sergei Yakovenko
Polynomial bounds for Fuchsian systems with real spectra and restricted infinitesimal Hilbert problem

Severino Collier
A constructive proof of the Density of Algebraic Pfaff Equations Without Algebraic Solutions

Taro Asuke
A fatou-Julia decomposition of complex codimension-one foliations

Thiago Fassrella
Foliations with degenerated Gauss map

Xavier Gómez-Mont
A local version of the Poincaré-Hopf Theorem