Aron Simis (UFPe, Recife): Tangent algebras revisited
Fernando Torres (UNICAMP): Space maximal curves
Francesco Russo (UFPe, Recife): On the extension of some projective varieties
Gérard Gonzalez-Sprinberg (Grenoble): Limit tangent spaces
Israel Vainsencher (UFMG): Numbers for foliations with a radial singularity
Jorge Vitório Pereira (IMPA): On the classification of exceptional CDQL webs
Marcelo Escudeiro Hernandes (UEM, Maringá): Analytic invariants for plane curves
Marcelo Saia (USP, São Carlos): On Lê constant deformations of hypersurfaces singularities
Michael McQuillan (Glasgow): TBA
Paltin Ionescu (Genova): Projective manifolds covered by lines