• Plenary Lectures:



Artur Avila (Rio de Janeiro


“Dynamics Of Quasiperiodic Cocycles And The Spectrum Of The Almost Mathieu Operator”

Nathan Berkovits (Sao Paulo)

“Magic In Superstring Amplitudes”

Ludvig Faddeev (Petersburg)

“The Instructive History Of Quantum Groups”

Luiz Davidovich (IF-UFRJ)

“Entanglement: From Einstein To Quantum Computers”

Charles M. Newman (New York)

Scaling Limit Of Two-Dimensional Critical Percolation”

David Ruelle (Paris)

“Topics In Dynamics And Physics”

Thomas Spencer (Princeton) 

“Quantum Dynamics In A Random Environment”

Edward Witten (Princeton)

“Gauge Theory And The Geometric Langlands Program”


  • Specialized Sessions



Vincent Beffara, ENS-Lyon


“Power law estimates for the Convergence of Conditioned Percolation to the Incipient Cluster”

Jairo Bochi. UFRGS

Generic maps have no ACIM “

Henrique Bursztyn, Impa

“Reduction In Generalized Complex Geometry”

Alexander Cardona, Univ. De Los Andes, Bogota

“A Functional Trace Approach To Chern-Simons Type Anomalies”

Bhamidipati Chandrasekhar, Ift-Unesp

“Non-Supersymmetric Attractors In $Bbb R2$ Gravities”

Luca De Sanctis, Ictp, Trieste

“Structural Approach To Dilute Mean Field Spin Glasses And Other Disordered Systems”

Gabor Etesi, Unicamp

“Moduli Spaces Of Self-Dual Connections Over Asymptotically Locally Flat Gravitational Instantons”

Sacha Friedli, Ufmg

“Non-Analyticity At First Order Phase Transitions”

Ernesto F. Galvão, Perimeter Inst.

“Classicality In Discrete Wigner Functions”

Marcos Jardim, Unicamp

“Quantum Instantons On Quantum Minkowski Spacetime”

Dmitry Krotov, Itep, Moscow

“Quantum Field Theory As Effective Bv Theory From Chern-Simons”

Gandalf Lechner, Goettingen Univ.

“Construction Of Asymptotically Complete Interacting Quantum Field Theories In Two Dimensions”

Pedro Lopes, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa

“The Cjkls Invariant In The Thermodynamic Limit”

Mokshay Madiman, Yale

“Generalized Entropy Power Inequalities And Monotonicity Properties Of Information”

Carlos R. Mafra, Ift-Unesp

“Scattering Amplitudes With The Pure Spinor Formalism”

Jens Mund, Universidade Federal De Juiz De Fora

“String-Localized Quantum Fields, Modular Localization And Gauge Theories”

Julio Rebelo, Puc-Rio

“Invariant Measures For Algebraic Foliations And Kobayashi Hyperbolicity”

Pedro Lauridsen Ribeiro, If-Usp

“Return To Equilibrium And Gravitational Thermalization Of Locally Covariant Quantum Theories In Asymptotically Ads Spacetimes”

Bianca Santoro, Mit

“On The Asymptotic Expansion Of Complete Ricci-Flat K”Ahler Metrics On Quasi-Projective Manifolds”

Jeffrey Schenker, Ias

“Random Band Matrices”

Gil Schieber, Unicamp

“Conformal Field Theories And Graphs”

Carlos Matheus Silva Santos, Impa

“Pasting Lemmas For Conservative Dynamical Systems And Applications”

Shannon Starr, UCLA

“Phase Transitions In Quantum Spin Systems With Large Spin”

Corinna Ulcigrai, Princeton

“Mixing For Flows Over Interval Exchange Transformations”