John Geanakoplos (Yale University)
“Liquidity and Collateral”

Mario Páscoa (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
“Knightian Asset Price Bubbles”

Myrna Wooders (PUC-RJ)
“Strategic basins of attraction, the path dominance core and network formation games”

Thierry Verdier (Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris)
“Heterogeneity, Organizations and International Trade”

Marcus Miller (University of Warwick)
“Fear, Market Failure And “Global Imbalances”: A General Equilibrium Interpretation”

Roger Guesnerie (College de France)
“Towards a production theory of intermediate generality?”

Herakles Polemarchakis (University of Warwick)
“Positive nominal interest”

Stephen Morris (Prnceton University)
“Strategic Revealed Preference and Robust Virtual Implementation”

Hugo Hopenhayn (Univ. of Califórnia)
“Trading Favors: Optimal Exchange and Forgiveness”

Yves Balasko (University of York)
“Do short-run efficiency and optimal capacity imply long-run efficiency?”

Alain Chateauneuf (Univ. Paris I – Sorbonne)
“Cost Functions of Incomplete Markets”

Ricardo Paes e Barros
“A Recente Queda na Desigualade de Renda e o Acelerado Progresso Educacional Brasileiro da Última Década”

Alberto Holly (Université de Lausanne)
“Belief Non-Equivalence And Financial Trade: A Comment On A Result By Araujo And Sandroni”

José Scheinkman (Princeton University)
“Long run risk”

Richard Kihlstrom (University of Pennsylvania)
“Risk Aversion and Dynamic Asset Pricing”

Vijay Krishna (Pennsylvania State University)
“Asymmetric Auctions with Resale”

M.Ali Khan (Johns Hopkins University)
“Two-Sector Optimum Growth Theory”

Dieter Sondermann (University of Bonn)
“Perfect Competiton in a Bilateral Monopoly”

Álvaro Sandroni (University of Pennsylvania)
“Strategic Manipulation of Empirical Tests”

Bernard Cornet (Universite Paris 1 e University of Kansa)
“Spatial Economies: A General Equilibrium Approach”

Andreu Mas-Colell (Univ. Pompeu Fabra)
“Commitment and Breakdown in Bargaining Among the Many”

Marilda Sotomayor (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
“Connecting The Competitive And Cooperative Structures In A Many-To-Many Matching Market”

Paulo Monteiro (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
“First-Price Auction Symmetric Equilibria with a General Distribution”

Robert Anderson (University of California at Berkeley)
“Equilibrium in Continuous-Time Financial Markets: Endogenously Complete Markets”

Monique Florenzano (Univ. Paris I – Sorbonne)
“The wedge of arbitrage free prices. Anything goes”

Ken Binmore (University of Bristol)
“Making Decisions in Large Worlds”

Foram apresentadas 26 sessões pelos Conferencistas:

• Auctions

Juan Dubra (Universidad De Montevideo)
“Asymmetric English Auctions Revisited”

Luciano Irineu (Carlos III Madrid)
“Affiliation, Positive Dependence And The Revenue Ranking Of Private Value Auctions”

• Econometrics

Arturo Zavala (Univ Federal Do Mato Grosso)
“Estudo Do Modelo De Regressão Polinomial Com Erros Nas Variáveis Quando Existe Heterogeneidade Narazão Das Variâncias”

Jose Luis De La Cruz (Co-authored with J. Nunez)
(ITESM-CEM (Mexico))
“Productivity, Inflation, And Investment: An Analysis Of Causality

• Economic Theory

Filipe Martins (Co-authored with W. Daher and M. Pascoa)
“Bounded Rationality, Default And Borrowing”

Andrés Carvajal
“Idiosyncratic risk and economic policy”

• Finance

Tiago Cavalcanti (Co-authored with A. Antunes and A. Villamil)
(Departamento De Economia – Ufpe)
“The Effect Of Financial Repression & Enforcement On Entrepreneurship And Economic Development”

Marcos Gois de Oliveira (Co-authored with Ch. Carmona and J. Tavora Jr.)
(Graduação Em Èngenharia Mecânica – UFPE)
“Value At Risk Dinâmico: Um Estudo Comparativo Entre Os Modelos Heterocedásticos E A Simulação De Monte-Carlo E A História”

Rogério Oliveira (Co-authored with P. Ghezzi and G. Jones)
(Emerging Markets Strategy – Deutsche Bank)
“Pricing Emerging Markets Local-Currency Sovereign Credit: Quanto Adjustments And Conditional Co-Skew”

Edson Gonçalves (Co-authored with P. Coimbra-Lisboa)
“Option Pricing Under Knightian Uncertainty: Binomial Trees, Arbitrage Results And Black And Scholes”

Wiston Adrian Risso (University Of Siena)
“A Randomness Test For Financial Time Series”

• Finantial Theory and Applications

Gyorgy Varga (Co-authored with M. Wengert)
(FCE Consulting)
“Performance Fee Contracts And Mutual Fund Risk”

Marco Matsumura (Co-authored with A. Moreira)
“Macro Shocks And The Brazilian Yield Curve With Macro Finance Models”

Caio De Almeida (Co-authored with J. Vicente)
“Identifying Volatility Risk Premia From Fixed Income Asian Options”

• Game Theory

Bruno Oliveira (Co-authored with L. Ferreira, B. Finkenstadt and A. Pinto)
(Univ. Do Porto)
“The Effect Of A Prisoner’s Dilemma In An Edgeworthian Economy”

Elvio Accinelli (Co-authored with J. Brida and E. Carrera)
“Dinamica Evolutiva En Un Modelo De Interaccion Entre Visitantes Y Residentes De Una Localidad Tur³Stica”

Alberto Pinto (Co-authored with B. Oliveira, F. A. Ferreira, F. Ferreira and M.Ferreira)
(Univ. Do Porto)
“Investment Dynamics In The Reduction Of Production Costs”

Eduardo Monteiro (Co-authored with H. Moreira)
“Efficient Equilibria Of 2 Player Repeated Games With Imperfect Monitoring”

Paulo Coimbra (EPGE/FGV)
“Nash Equilibrium Under Knightian Uncertainty: A Generalization Of The Existence Theorem”

Felipe Balmaceda (Universidad De Chile)
“Endogenous Cooperative Networks: Social Capital And The Small-World Property”

• Game Theory – Information

Leandro Rêgo (Co-authored with J. Halperu)
(Universidade Federal De Pernambuco)
“Extensive Games With Possibly Unaware Players”

Leonardo Resende (PUC-Rio de Janeiro)
“Mid-Auction Information Acquisition”

• Game Theory – Voting

Alejandro Lugon (PUC – Peru)
“Spatial Electoral Competition With Pre-Positioned Parties”

Danilo Coelho (Co-authored with S. Barberà)
(IPEA – Brasília)
“How To Choose A Non-Controversial List With K Names”

Luciana Fiorini (Banco Central Do Brasil)
“Overlapping Generations And Idiosyncratic Risk: Can Prices Reveal The Best Policy?”

Ana Fostel (Co-authored with John Geanakoplos)
“Collateral Restrictions and Liquidity Under Supply: A Simple Model”

• General Equilibrium

Sergio Turner (Department Of Economics – Brown University)
“How Much Trade Does The Transfer Paradox Require? The Threshold Computed”

Jean Marc Bonisseau
“Equilibrio with increasing Returns: Sufficient Condutions on Bounded Production Allocations”

• General Equilibrium – Applications

Álvaro Riascos (Co-authored with A. Carvajal)
(Universidad De Los Andes)
“Belief Non-Equivalence And Financial Trade: A Comment On A Result By Araujo And Sandroni”

Bruno Funchal (Co-authored with A. Araujo)
“Bankruptcy Law And Credit Market: A General-Equilibrium Approach”

Susan Schommer (Co-authored with A. Araujo)
“Computing General Equilibrium Models With Incomplete Markets”

• Information – Growth

Marcos Tsuchida (Co-authored with A. Araujo and H. Moreira)
“Do Dividends Signal More Earnings?”

Juan Sebastian Pereyra (Co-authored with J. Brida)
(Universidad De La Republica – Uruguay)
“Tourism Demand And Environmental Investment: A Model With Three Tourist Regions”

• Macro – Monetay Policy
Eurilton Araújo (IBMEC Sao Paulo)
“Robust Monetary Policy With The Consumption-Wealth Channel”

Marcia Leon (Co-authored with A. Araujo and R. Santos)
(Banco Central Do Brasil)
“Speculative Attacks, Openness And Crises”

• Macro – Exchange Rate

Alexandre Cunha (IBMEC Rio De Janeiro)
“Implications Of The Modigliani-Miller Theorem For The Study Of The Exchange Rate Regimes”

Luz Ramirez (Universidad Nacional De Colômbia)
“Relación Tipo De Cambio Y Actividad Económica Para Colombia 1980-2004”

Marcos Valli (Co-authored with W. Maldonado and O. Tourinho)
(Banco Central Do Brasil)
“Modelling Bubbles In The Brazilian Exchange Rate Using A Regime-Switching Regression Model”

• Macro – Growth

Adriana Perez (Co-authored with Luiz Rangel)
(University of Toulouse)
“Institutions, Regulatory Policy Choice and Efficiency in telecommunications Industry”

Silvia London (Universidad Nacional Del Sur – CONICET)
“Crecimiento Económico, Capital Humano Y Externalidades Negativas: Análisis De Estabilidad En Un Modelo Con Órbitas Caóticas”

Tânia Pereira (Universidade Estadual Paulista, FCLAR, SP)
“Um Estudo Sobre Trocas Em Concorrencia Monopolistica”

Gabriel Brida (Co-authored with E. Accinelli)
(School Of Economics And Management – Free University Of Bolzano – Italy)
“The Ramsey Model With No Constant Growth Rate Of Population”

Jorge Rivera (Co-authored with R. Escudero)
(Universidad De Chile)
“Does Travel Time Matter For Growth”

• Macro – Inflation and Monetary Policy

Wilfredo L. Maldonato (Co-authored with Sachsida)
(Univ. Catolica de Brasilia)
“Endogenous Group Effect from Statistical Discrimination: Convergence to the Asymmetric Information Classical Approach”

Rodrigo Peñazola (Departamento De Economia – UNB)
“A Duality Theory Of Payment Systems”

• Macro – International Trade

Carlos Cinquetti (Departamento De Economia – UNESP)
“Distortions And Policies In An Imperfectly Competitive Economy”

Eduardo Carbajal (Co-authored with J. de la Cruz)
(ITESM-CEM (Mexico))
“Comercio Internacional, Crecimiento Económico E Inversión Extranjera Directa: Evidencias De Causalidad Para México”

• Macro Dynamics

Rafael Costa Lima (Co-authored with H. Moreira)
“Information Transmission And Ine¢ Cient Lobbying”

Marta Areosa (Co-authored with Waldyr Areosa)
(Banco Central do Brasil)
“The Inequality Channel of monetary Transmission”

• Macro Public Sector

Andrés Ramirez (Co-authored with I. Diaz and L. Madrigal)
(Universidad EAFIT)
“Efectos Macroeconomicos De La Financiacion Del Gasto Publico”

Leonardo Resende (PUC-Rio de Janeiro)
“Mid-Auction Information Acquisition”

• Macroeconomics

Octavio Tourinho (Co-authored with W. Maldonado and M. Valli)
“Endogenous Foreign Capital Flow In A CGE Model For Brazil: The Role Of The Foreign Reserves”

• Macroeconomics – Information

Carlos Ellery (EPGE/FGV)
“Yet Another Reason To Tax Goods”

Mauricio Bugarin (Co-authored with F. Carvalho)
(IBMEC São Paulo)
“Heterogeneity Of Central Bankers And Inflationary Pressuret”

• Mathematical Economics

Juan Cesco (Instituto De Matematica Aplicada San Luis -UNSL CONICET)
“A Cooperative Based Algorithm To Compute Solutions In The Assignment Game”

Martin Puchet (Co-authored with E. Accinelli)
“Morse’s Lemma And The Singular Economies”
Lionello Punzo (J. Brida, A. Mayer and C. McCord)
(Universidad De Siena)
“A Theoretical, Multidisciplinary View Of Catastrophic Regime Change”

• Microeconomic Theory

Claudio Gontijo (UFMG)
“Arrow-Debreu And The Law Of Diminishing Returns: A Critical Appraisal”

João Rogerio Sanson (Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina)
“Deserpa’s Time Allocation Model: A Comment”

Vinicius Carrasco (Co-authored with J. de Melo)
(PUC Rio De Janeiro)
“A Relational Theory Of Relationship Lending Under Contractual Incompleteness”

Jose Heleno Faro (Co-authored with A. Chateauneuf)
“Ambiguity Through Confidence Functions”

Daniel Gottlieb (Co-authored with A. Araujo and H. Moreira)
(Department Of Economics – MIT)
“A Model Of Mixed Signals With Applications To Countersignaling And The Ged”

• Microeconomics – Information

Arnold Chassagnon (Co-authored with A. Attar)
(University Of Toulouse)
“On Moral Hazard And Nonexclusive Contracts”

Rafael C.Santos (Banco Central Do Brasil)
“Inflation Targeting, Credibility And Coordination Aspects”

Luis Braido (EPGE/FGV)
“Weekly Specials In Multiproduct Price Competition With Fixed Costs”

• Microeconomics – Information 1

Jose Guilherme de Lara Resende (Co-authored with G. Wu)
(Universidade De Brasília)
“Competence Effects For Choices Involving Gains And Losses”

Nizar Allouch (Co-authored with J. Conley and M. Wooders)
(Department Of Economics, Queen Mary, University Of London)
“Anonymous Price Taking Equilibrium In Tiebout Economies”

• Microeconomics – Information 2

Jose Alvaro Rodrigues-Neto (Co-authored with R. Mazali)
(Banco Central Do Brasil)
“Dress To Impress: Brand Development And The Supply Of Status Goods”

Walter Novaes (Co-authored with R. Gomes)
(Departamento De Economia PUC-RJ)
“Covert Contributions In Campaign Financing”

• Monetary Policy/Game Theory

Juan Pablo Nicolini (Universidad Torcuato di Tella)
“Optimal Monetary Policy with Price Stickiness”

Eliane Catilina (Co-authored with A. Golan)
(Department Of Economics, American University)
“What Is The Game?”