Plenary Lectures:

  • Bourgain (Riverside), “Mathematical developments around the Ginzburg – Landau model in 3D”
  • Deift (New York), “The Riemann – Hilbert Problem: Applications”
  • Derrida (ENS-Paris), ” Fluctuations and large deviations in non-equilibrium systems”
  • Dubrovin (Trieste), “Hamiltonian perturbations of hyperbolic PDEs: From classification of equations to properties of solutions”
  • Guerra (Roma), “Spontenious replica symmetry breaking in the mean field spin glass model”
  • Kleiner (Yale), “Perelman’s work on the Geometrization Conjecture”
  • Jitomirskaya (Irvine), “Spectral properties of quasi-periodic Schroedinger operators: treating small denominators without KAM”
  • Kawahigashi (Tokyo), “Conformal field theory and operator algebra”
  • Klein (Irvine), “Random Schroedinger operators, localization and delocalization, and all that”
  • Pujals (Rio de Janeiro), “Trying to characterize robust and generic dynamics”
  • Rodnianski (Princeton), “Cauchy problem in general relativity”
  • Werner (Paris), “Survey of recent mathematical progress in the understanding critical of 2D systems” (Fields Medal, 2006)
  • Winter (Bristol), “Random methods in quantum information theory”
  • Zarembo (Uppsala), “Gauge fields, strings and integrable systems”


Evening Lecture

 Lisa Randall (Harvard): Warped Extra Dimensions.


 Parallel Sessions:


Condensed Matter Physics 

Organizers: J. P. Solovej (Copenhagen)



  • Benfatto, Giuseppe (Univ. Roma 2), “Rigorous construction of Luttinger liquids throught Ward Identities”
  • Schenker, Jeffrey (IAS), “Edge And Bulk Currents In The Integer Quantum Hall Effect”
  • Yngvason, Jakob (Univ. of Vienna), “Quantum Phases Of Cold Bosons In Optical Lattices”


Dynamical Systems

Organizers: W. de Mello (Rio de Janeiro) / F. Ledrappier (N. Dame)



  • Alves, José  (Porto Univ.), “Statistical Stability For H’Enon Maps Of Benedics-Carleson Type”
  • Anantharaman, Nalini  (École normale supérieure de Lyon), “Entropy and the localization of eigenfunctions”
  • Ávila,Artur  (Université Paris), “The Spectrum Of The Almost Mathieu Operator In The Subcritical Regime”
  • Buzzi, Jerome  (École Polytechnique, Paris), “Hyperbolicity Through Entropy”
  • Díaz, Lorenzo   (PUC-Rio), “Robust cycles and non-dominated dynamics”
  • Kozlovskiy, Oleg (Warwick), “Hyperbolicity In One Dimensional Dynamics”


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Organizers: C. M. Newman (New York)



  • Camia, Federico (VUA-Amsterdam), “The Scaling Limit Of (Near-)Critical 2d Percolation”
  • Stein, Daniel (NYU), “Short-Range Spin Glasses In A Magnetic Field* +”
  • Toninelli, Cristina (École normale supérieure, Paris), “Relaxation times of kinetically constrained spin model with glassy dynamics”


Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Organizers: G. Jona-Lasinio (Roma) / B. Nachtergaele (Davis)



  • Landim, Claudio (Impa, Rio de Janeiro), “Current Fluctuations In Boundary Driven Interacting Particle Systems”
  • Liverani, Carlangelo(Rome 2), “Fourier Law And Random Walks In Evolving”
  • Merkli, Marco (McGill), “Asymptotics Of Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems”
  • Pillet, Claude Alain (Toulon), “Linear Response Of Nonequilibrium Steady States For Open Quantum System”
  • Schlein, Benjamin (Harvard), “Derivation of the Gross – Pitaevskii equation for the dynamics of the Bose –  Einstein condensates”
  • Spohn, Herbert (TU Munich), “Energy transport in one – dimension chains: prediction from the phonon kinetic equation”


Exactly Solvable Systems

Organizers: F.Smirnov (Paris)



  • Boos, Herman (University of Wuppertal), “Correlation Functions And Hidden Fermionic Structure Of The XXZ Spin Chain”
  • Gesualdo Delfino, “Particle Decay In Ising Field Theory With Magnetic Field”
  • Tateo, Roberto (University of Torino), “ABCD – Integrable Models And Ordinary Differential Equations”


General Relativity

Organizadores: Piotr Chrusciel (Tours) and Hermann Nicolai (Golm)



  • Gabriel Cardoso (Muenchen), “Black Hole Entropy In Supergravity And String Theory”
  • Andersson, Lars (AEI Golm), “Einstein Spaces As Attractors For The Einstein Flow”
  • Bojowald, Martin (PennState Univ.), “Loop Quantum Cosmology”
  • Dafermos, Mihaelis (Cambridge), “The Red-Shift Effect And Radiation Decay On Black Hole Spacetimes”
  • Dain, Sergio (Univ. of Cordoba), “Angular momentum – mass inequality for axisymmetric black holes” 
  • Kleinschmidt, Axel (AEI), “Infinite – dimensional R-symmetry in supergravity”


Operator Algebras 

Organizers: R. Longo (Roma)



  • Shlyakhtenko,  Dimitri (University of California, Los Angeles), “L ² Invariants, Free Probability And Operator Algebras”
  • Landi, Giovanni (Univ. di Trieste), “Non-Commutative Manifolds And Quantum Groups”
  • Carpi, Sebastiano  (University of Chieti and Pescara), “From Vertex Algebras To Local Nets Of Von Neumann Algebras”



Organizers: S. Mueller (Leipzig) / I.M. Sigal (Toronto)


  • James Colliander (Toronto), “Weak Turbulence For Periodic Nsl”
  • Stephen Gustafson (UBC), “Ginzburg-Landau Dynamics”
  • Antti Kupiainen (Helsinki), “On The Derivation Of Fourier’s Law”
  • Felix Otto (Bonn), “A Criterion  For The Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality”
  • Georg Weiss (Tokyo), ” Hidden dynamics and the origin of pulsating waves in Self-propagating High temperature Synthesis”  
  • Velazquez, J.J.L. (Universidad Complutense), “Singular behaviour in chemotaxis models”


Probability Theory 

Organizers: F. Martinelli (Roma)



  • Fontes, Luiz Renato (IME-USP), “Aging In The Infinite Volume Rem-Like Trap Model At Low Temperature”
  • Peres,Yuval (UC-Berkeley), “From Planar Gaussian Zeros To Gravitational Allocation”
  • Zeitouni, Ofer (Univ. Minnesota), “Random walks in random environments in the perturbative regime”

Quantum Mechanics

Organizers: A. Laptev (Stockholm) / B. Simon (Pasadena)


Damanik, David (Caltech)
“Recent progress in the spectral theory of quasi – periodic operators”

Germinet, Francois (Univ. Cergy-Pontoise)
“Recent Results On Localization For Random Schrodinger Operators”

Kiselev, Alexander (Univ. of Wisconsin)
“Quantum Dynamics And Enhanced Diffusion For Passive Scalar”

Laptev, Ari (KTH)
“Lieb-Thirring Inequalities, Recent Results”

Nenciu, Gheorghe (Univ. of Bucharest)
“Exponential Decay Laws In Perturbation Theory Of Threshold And Embedded Eigenvalues”

Suslina, Tatyana (St. Petersburg State Univ.)
“Homogenization Of Periodic Operators Of Mathematical Physics As A Spectral Threshold Effect”

  • Quantum Field Theory

Organizers: K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg)


Bergbauer, Christoph (IHES Paris)
“Algebraic aspects of perturbative and non – perturbative QFT” 

Mund, Jens    (Juiz de Fora, Brasil)
“String localized quantum field, modular localization, and gauge theories”

Hollands, Stefan (Univ. Goettingen)
“Quantum Field Theory In Curved Spacetime”

Teschner, Juerg (Desy)
“Quantization of the Teichmuller Spaces: Quantum Field Theoretical Applications”

  • 2D Quantum Field Theory

Organizers: J. Cardy (Oxford)


Fendley, Paul (University of Virginia)
“Lattice Supersymmetry From The Ground Up”

Lukyanov, Sergei (Rutgers University)
“Analytical Solution For The Effective Charging Energy Of The Single Electron Box”

Mussardo, Giuseppe(SISSA, Trieste)
“Breaking Integrability”

  • Quantum Information

Organizers: A. Holevo (Moscow) / M. B. Ruskai (Medford)


Christandl,Matthias (Cambridge, UK)
“One-And-A-Half Quantum De Finetti Theorems”

Devetak, Igor (USC Los Angeles)
“Catalytic quantum error conection”

Patrick, Hayden(Montreal)
“Quantum State Transformations And The Schubert Calculus”

Kempe, Julia . (Paris Sud)
” The Local Hamiltonian Problem” 

Dennis Kretschmann(TU Braunschweig)
“The Information-Disturbance Tradeoff And The Continuity Of Stinespring’s Representation”

Sims, Robert (Univ. of California of Davis)
“Lieb-Robinson Bounds”

 Random Matrices 

Organizers: J. Baik (Ann Arbor) / J. Harnad (Montréal)


Bleher, Pavel (IUPUI)
“Exact Solution Of The Six-Vertex Model With Domain Wall Boundary Conditions”

Krasovsky,Igor (Brunel Univ.)
“Probabilities Of A Large Gap In The Scaled Spectrum Of Random Matrices”

McLaughlin, Ken (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson)
“Random Matrices, Asymptotic Analysis, And D-Bar Problems”

Suidan, Toufic (Santa Cruz)
“Central Limit Theorems For Non-Intersecting Random Walks”

Soshnikov, Alexander (UC-Davis)
“On The Distribution Of Largest Eigenvalues In Random Matrix Ensembles”

Tracy, Craig (USA)
“Nonintersecting Brownian Excursions”

 Stochastic PDE

Organizers: Weinan E. (Princeton)


Mattingly, Jonathan (Duke Univ.)
“Degenerately Forced Fluid Equations Ergodicity And Solvable Models”

Olla, Stefano (Paris)
“Microscopic Stochastic Models For The Study Of Thermal Conductivity”

Brassesco, Stella
“Boundary Effects On The Interface Dynamics For The Stochastic Allen-Cahn Equation”


String Theory

Organizers: N. Berkovits (São Paulo) / R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam)


Aganagic, Mina (UC Berkeley)
“Topological Strings And (Almost) Modular Forms”

Gukov, Sergei (Caltech)
“Gauge Theory And Link Homologies”

Hull, Chris (Imperial College
“Non-Geometric String Backgrounds”

Kapustin, Anton (Caltech)
“Topological Reduction Of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories And S-Duality”

Marino, Marcos (CERN)
“Phase Transitions In Topological String Theory”

Vanhove, Pierre (Saclay)
“Hypermultiplet Couplings In N=2 Effective Action”