Stable Equilibrium of a diffusion equation on convex domains induced by the dynamics on the boundary
Arnaldo Simal do Nascimento

 Optical decay rates for the semilinear plate equation with nonlinear locally distributed damping
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Soluções periódicas para um sistema não-linear envolvendo um operador do tipo curvatura média
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The Cauchy problem for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KPII) equation in three space dimensions
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The Cauchy problem for the Strovsky equation in spaces of low regularity
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Existence of positive solutions for a class of quasilinear Schrodinger equations: the critical exponential case
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On the well-posedness for the generalized Ostrovsky-Stepanyams-Tsimring equation
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 Um novo sistema completamente integrável
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 First Order Real Linear Partial Differential Operators Solvable On C¥  (ℝn)
José R. dos Santos Filho

Determination of Coefficients for a Dissipative Wave Equation via Boundary Measurements
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Positive Solutions to a Nonradial Supercritical Klein-Gordon Type Equations
Sebástian Lorca

Asymptotic Issues Related to the 3D Imcompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
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Global Attractor and Non Homogeneous Equilibria for a Non Local Evolution Equation
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Blowup Stability of Solutions of the Nonlinear Heat Equation with a large life Span
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Principal Eigenvalues Periodic Parabolic Steklov Problems
Tomas Godoy

Assymetric Elliptic Problem
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Identification of Immersed Obstacles via Boundary Measurements
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A Local Monotocity Formula for an Inhomogeneous Singular Perturbation Problem and Applications
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Singular Elliptic Problems: Existence Non-Existence and Boundary Behavior
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Subelliptic Multipliers
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The Neumann Boundary Condition for the Infiniti-Laplacian and the Monge-Kantarovich Mass Transfer Problem for Measures Supported on Surfaces
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Maximum Principle for Abstract CR Manifolds
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Optimal Design Problems for the First Steklov Eigenvalue
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Multiplicidade de Soluções Nodais para Problemas Semilineares
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Sobolev Estimates for the Neumann Operator
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Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for Singular Elliptic Problems
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Recent Progress on Vortex Sheets
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Homogeneous Optimal Lp-Sobolev Inequalities on Product Manifolds
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Planar Incompressible Flow Around a Small Obstacle
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On Partial Differential Equations of Eletrostatic MEMS Devices
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Some Extensions of the F. and M. Riesz theorem
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