Plenary Talks

Benoit Perthame
Selection, mutation, adaptive dynamics: an asymptotic point of view, 

 M. Kenkre
Theory of the Spread of Epidemics as an Application of Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Science

Hatem Zaag
Regularity of two models of chemotaxis and angiogenesis

Franziska Michor
Dynamics of chronic mueloid leukemia

Martin Nowak
Stochastic evolutionary dynamics

Moura Neto
Optical trap and cell plasticity, 

Michael Turelli
Pattern and process in the evolution of interspecific hybrid sterility and inviability: Simple mathematical predictions based on Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibilities

Fabio Chalub
Kinetic models for chemotaxis

C. Schmeiser
Modelling approaches to cell movement

Angela Stevens
Front propagation in heterogeneous media

Greg Huber
Flagella, flip flops, and microfluidics

Marcelo Magnasco
From the ear to the brain: neural representations of sound and time-frequency analysis

John Bush
Walking on water

Antonio Vicino
Modeling the ecological competition between seaweed and seagrass in an aquatic environment: a case study

 Julie C. Mitchell
Computer Prediction of Protein Docking and Analysis of Binding Interfaces

Chiara Mocenni
A decision support system for the management of Mediterranean Lagoons

Frank M. Forger
The Algebraic Approach to the Genetic Code – A Status Report, 

Robert A. White
Estimating Rates  of Death or Differentiation in Stimulated Cell Populations,