• Equilibrium States for some class of dynamical systems
Alexander Arbieto, IMPA

• Large Deviation for equilibrium states of the shift
Alexandre Tavares Baraviera, UFRGS

• Robust ergodicity of Symplectic diffeomorphisms
Ali Tahzibi, USP-S.Carlos

• On the ergodicity of partially hyperbolic systems
Amie Wilkinson, Northwestern University

• What is the probability of the Newhouse phenomena?
Anton Gorodetski, Independent U. Moscow

• The Ten Martini Problem
Artur Avila de Melo, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie

• A suficient condition for C1 – Robust transitivity for singular hyperbolic attractors
Aubin Arroyo, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

• Estabilidade estrutural de Rn-ações singulares com integral primeira
Carlos Alberto Maquera Apaza, USP – São Carlos

• Decay of correlations for open classes of non-uniformly expanding mpas
Carlos Matheus, IMPA

• Existence of non-trivial homoclinic classes
Christian Bonatti, Université Bourgogne

• On wild attractors, absolutely continuous conjugacies and deterministic random walks
Daniel Smania, USP-S.Carlos

• Complexity for billiards and related dynamical systems
Eugene Gutkin, Univ. of California

• Invariant measures for the horocycle flow on periodic hyperbolic surfaces
François Ledrappier, University of Notre Dame

• Critical Circle Covers
Genadi Levin, Hebrew University

• Generic positive entropy for geodesic flows
Gonzalo Contreras, Centro de Investigacion en Matematica

• Quasi-Poisson actions and singular foliations
Henrique Bursztyn, IMPA

• Equilibrium states for non-uniformly hyperbolic horseshoes
Isabel Rios, Univ. Fed. Fluminense

• Partially hyperbolic systems with center dimension one – stable ergodicity
Jana Rodriguez Hertz, Facultad de Ingeniería Uruguay

• Uniformly hyperbolic pairs of matrices
Jairo Bochi, UFRGS

• Exponential mixing for Teichmüller flow
Jean Christophe Yoccoz, Colège de France

• Variational principles for hitting times
Joerg Schmeling, Lund

• On the nonexistence of fat partially hyperbolic horseshoes
José Ferreira Alves, Univ. Porto

• Ergodicity of partially hyperbolic diffemorphisms
Keith Burns, Northwestern

• Equilibrium States
Krerley Oliveira, UFAL

• Topological entropy via Floer Homology on cotagent bundles
Leonardo Macarini, IMPA

• Flip-Hopf (Saddle-Hopf) Multiparameter Bifurcation
Leonardo Mora, Universidad de Los Andes

• Quasi-morphisms in symplectic topology
Leonid Polterovich, Tel Aviv University

• Focal decompositions
Lev Birbrair, Univ. Federal do Ceará

• Renormalization on the 2-dimensional torus
Luiz Fernando C. da Rocha, UFRGS

• Degenerate Resonances for Reversible Systems
Mauricio Silva Lima, and Marco Antonio Teixeira, Unicamp

• Instabilities and chaotic behavior in nearly integrable systems
Meysam Nassiri, IMPA

• A variational principle for dimension for a class of non-conformal repellers
Nuno Luzia, IMPA

• Rigidity of non-renormalizable complex polynomials
Oleg Kozlovsky, University of Warwick

• Injectivity of differentiable maps R2 → R2 and differentiable vector fields of the plane
Roland Montoya, USP – São Carlos

• Ergodic pumping: a mechanism to drive biomolecular conformation change
Robert MacKay, University of Warwick

• Hyperbolicity and heterodimensional cycles for three-dimensional partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms
Shuhei Hayashi, University of Tokyo

• Constructive methods in (nonuniformly) hyperbolic dynamics
Stefano Luzzatto, Imperial College London

• Central manifolds for partially hyperbolic sets
Sylvain Crovisier, Dijon

• Physical measures for infinite-modal maps
Vitor Araújo, Univ. Porto/IMPA

• Anisotropic Holder and Sobolev spaces for hyperbolic diffeomorphisms
Viviane Baladi, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie

• Lyapunov exponents of hyperbolic measures and periodic orbits
Wenxiang Sun, Peking University

• Existence of hyperbolic Bernoulli flows on compact manifolds
Yakov Pesin, Pensilvania State University

Informal Talk
• On the existence of homoclinic intersection
Sylvain Crovisier, Univ. Dijon