International Conference on Dynamical Systems - 2000


Conferências Internacionais em Sistemas Dinâmicos têm sido organizadas pelo IMPA de 4 em 4 anos, desde 1981. Estas conferências têm a participação de boa parte dos mais destacados  matemáticos da área, cobrindo vários de seus temas mais atuais. A 5a. Conferência Internacional de Sistemas Dinâmicos, acontecerá no Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), no período 19 a  28 de  julho de 2000.

Comissão Científica

John Mather (Princeton, USA)
Welington de Melo (IMPA, Brasil)
John Milnor (Stony Brook, USA)
Jurgen Moser (ETH, Switzerland)
Sheldon Newhouse (Michigan State, USA)
Robert Roussarie (Dijon, France)
Ya  Sinai (Princeton, USA)
S. Smale (Hong Kong)
Marcelo Viana (IMPA, Brasil)
Jean Christophe Yoccoz (Collège de France)



  • Takens, University of Groningen, Multifractal Formalism for Dimensions and Entropies
  • G. Moreira, IMPA, Homoclinic Tangencies and Fractal Invariants in Arbitrary Dimension
  • Anosov, Steklov Institute, Moscow, Some Geometrical Problems Related to the Flows on Closed Surfaces
  • Herman, CNRS and Université Paris VII, Existence of an elliptic periodic geodesic by C2- perturbation of a metric of strictly positive curvature on the 2-sphere
  • Swiatek, Pennsylvania State University, Remarks on Complex Extensions of Real Maps
  • Newhouse, Michigan State University, On the Mathematical Contributions of Jacob Palis
  • M. Shub, IBM, On Random and Mean Exponents for Unitarily Invariant Measures on GL(n,C)
  • R. MacKay, University of Warwick, Coupled Map Lattices with Phase Transition
  • Bonatti, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, Unique Ergodicity of Some Holomorphic Foliations
  • C. Yoccoz, Collège de France, Nonuniformly Dynamics in Homoclinic Bifurcations
  • de Faria, IME-USP, Hyperbolicity of Renormalization for Cr Unimodal Maps
  • Franks, Northwestern University, Regions of Instability for Non-twist Maps
  • Lyubich, SUNY at Stony Brook, Foliated Structures of Some Spaces of Dynamical Systems
  • Roussarie, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, Exponential Confinement of Chaos
  • Ledrappier, École Polytechnique, Paris, Local Characteristics for Non-Uniformly Hyperbolic Measures
  • Xia, Northwestern University, Lagrangian Submanifolds and Hamiltonian Dynamics
  • Ávila, IMPA, Regular or Stochastic Dynamics in Real Analytic Families of Unimodal Maps
  • Mather, Princeton University, Action Minimizing Orbits: Open Problems



  •  Mora, IVIC, A Complement to the Connecting  Lemma of Hayashi
  • Marmi, Universitá di Udine, Quasianalytic Continuation Beyond Natural Boundaries
  • Baladi, CNRS and Université Paris-Sud (Orsay), Almost Sure Rates of Mixing for Random Unimodal Maps
  • Kifer, Hebrew University, A Dimension Gap for Continued Fractions with Random Digits
  • Morales, UFRJ, Anosov Flows with Transverse Torus
  • A. Teixeira, IMECC-UNICAMP, Reversible and Hamiltonian Vector Fields on R4 with Resonances
  • Ragazzo, IME-USP, On the Stability of Fixed Points of Some Non-differentiable Area Preserving Twist Maps
  • Paternain, Universidad de Montevideo, The Principal Loop-bundle and Dynamical Systems
  • Tsujii, Hokudai University, Ergodic Properties of Piecewise Expanding Maps in Higher Dimension
  • Colli, IME-USP, Unimodal Families, Generalized Renormalization and Parameter Distortion
  • David, Université Paris Sud (Orsay), An Advertisement for Uniform Rectifiability
  • Jonsson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Large Brolin’s Theorem in Two Complex Dimensions
  • Paternain, Universidad de Montevideo, The Minimal Entropy Problem
  • Pugh, University of Berkeley, Structural Stability of Piecewise Smooth Dynamical
  • Systems
  • Araújo, Universidade do Porto, Infinitely Many Stochastically Stable Attractors
  • Alves, Universidade do Porto, Stochastic Behavior of Non-uniformly Expanding Dynamical Systems
  • Lopes, UFRGS, Exact Bounds for the Polynomial Decay of Correlation, 1/f Noise and the Central Limit theorem for the Equilibrium State of a Non-Hölder Potential
  • Carvalho, UFMG, Chaos and Elliptic Island on the Elliptical Stadium
  • Solomyak, University of Washington, Iterated Function Systems with Overlaps: Measure of the Limit Set
  • Massart, Université Montpellier II, On Mather’s Action Functional
  • Graczyk, Université Paris-Sud (Orsay), Non-Uniform Hyperbolicity in Complex Dynamics
  • Vargas, IME-USP, Real Bounds for C2 Multimodal Maps
  • Sidoravicius, IMPA, Mixing Properties for the Mechanical Motion of a Charged Particle in a Random Medium
  • Simanyi, Universtity of Alabama at Birmingham, The Boltzmann-Sinai Ergodic Hypothesis for Typical Hard Disk Systems
  • Laskar, Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, On the Spacing of Planetary Systems
  • Grebogi, University of Maryland, Shadowing and the Validity of Dynamical Models
  • Makarov, Caltech, Harmonic Measure and Polynomial Julia Sets
  • Smirnov, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Dynamics and Dimension Estimates in Complex Analysis
  • Lamb, Imperial College, London, Steady-state Bifurcation in Reversible Equivariant Systems
  • Sotomayor, IME-USP, Recent Developments on the Dynamic Properties of Lines of Curvature on Surfaces in Euclidean Spaces
  • Rovella, Universidad de Montevideo, Perturbation of the Higher Dimensional Quadratic Family
  • Levin, Hebrew University, Bounds, Rigidity, and Universality in Critical Circle Endomorphisms
  • Bruin, Caltech, Growth of Derivatives and Measure of Julia Sets
  • Pinto, Universidade do Porto, Geometric Measures for Hyperbolic Surface Dynamics
  • Buzzard, Cornell University, Hyperbolic Automorphisms and Holomorphic Motions in C2
  • Shishikura, Hiroshima University, Totally Invariant Varieties of Holomorphic Maps of Pn
  • J. Pacífico, UFRJ, Maximal Transitive Sets for C1 Flows
  • Wilkinson, Northwestern University, C1 Density of Stable Accessibility
  • Blokh, University of Alabama at Birmingham, On Dynamics and Topology of Some Polynomials
  • Chernov, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Small Perturbations of Dispersing Billiards
  • Gutierrez, ICMC/USP São Carlos, On Cr Closing-Lema for Fows on Two-manifolds
  • Catsigeras, Universidad de Montevideo, SRB Measures and Ergodicity of Certain almost Hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with a tangency
  • Krikorian, École Polytechnique, Paris, Global Reducibility of SU(2) and SL(2,R)-valued Quasi-periodic Cocycles
  • Fayad, École Polytechnique, Paris, Reparametrization of Irrational Flows
  • Albouy, Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, Why are the Keplerian orbits closed?
  • Broer, University of Groningen, KAM theory: Multiperiodicity in Dissipative and Conservative Systems
  • Bunimovich, Georgia Institute of Technology, Hyperbolicity and Astigmatism
  • Donnay, Bryn Mawr College, Embedded Surfaces with Ergodic Geodesic Flow are Dense
  • Baesens, University of Warwick, Order-preservation in Cooperative Networks of Overdamped Inertial Units
  • Khanin, Cambridge University, Minimizers of Random Lagrangians
  • Luzzatto, UMIST, UK, Rates of Mixing and Robust Hyperbolicity in One-dimensional Maps
  • Przytycki, Polish Acad. of Sciences, Holomorphic Iteration: Topological Collet-Eckmann Maps
  • Hayashi, Tokyo University, On a Conjecture by Palis
  • Sambarino, Universidad de Montevideo, On the Existence of Homoclinic Orbits
  • Kaloshin, Princeton University, Almost Exponential Growth of Number of Periodic Points for Diffeomorphisms with Probability One
  • Mihailescu, University of Texas Topological Pressure and the Dynamics of Hyperbolic Maps on P2C
  • Garcia, UFG, Umbilic and Tangential Singularities on Configurations of Principal Lines
  • Haydn, Univ. South California, The Distribution of Return Times in Dynamical Systems
  • Schweitzer, PUC-RJ, Reeb Components in Codimension one Foliations: a Generalization of Novikov’s Theorem
  • Forni, Princeton University, Deviation of Ergodic Averages for Locally Hamiltonian Flows on Surfaces of Higher Genus
  • Pollicot, University of Manchester, Computing Lyapunov Exponents for Hyperbolic Systems
  • Jakobson, University of Maryland, Piecewise smooth maps with absolutely continuous invariant measures and uniformly scaled Markov partitions
  • J. Díaz, PUC-RJ, Robustly Transitive Set and Heteroclinic Cycles
  • Ilyashenko, Moscow State and Independent Universities, New Robust Properties of Invariant Set and Attractors of Dynamical Systems
  • Fisher, IME-USP, An Extension of Abramov’s Formula for Flow Entropy
  • Langevin, University of Bourgogne, Dijon, A Model for the Germ of a Structurally Stable Vector Field Near an Hyperbolic Set According to F.Beguin and C. Bonatti
  • Sands, Université Paris-Sud (Orsay), Monotonicity via Sheaf Cohomology
  • Lukaszewicz, University of Warsaw, Long Time Behavior of 2D Micropolar Fluid Flows
  • Bobenrieth, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Hyperbolic Components of the Family z |–> 1 + 1 wzd
  • Bedford, University of Indiana, Polynomial Diffeomorphisms of C2
  • Weiss, Hebrew University, Metanormal Numbers and Poisson Limit Processes for Dynamical Systems
  • Sinai, Princeton and Moscow State University, Invariant Measures for the Navier-Stokes System with Random Forcing
  • van Strien, University of Warwick, Real and Complex Dynamics: Bounds, Ergodicity and Absense of Invariant Linefields
  • Robinson, Northwestern University, Nonsymmetric Lorenz-like Attractors from Homoclinic Bifurcations
  • Castro, UFC, Backward Inducing and the Exponential Decay of Correlations for Mostly Contracting Diffeomorphisms
  • Markarian, Universidad de Montevideo, Billiards with Polynomial Decay of Correlations
  • Szász, Technical University, Budapest, Exponential Decay of Correlations for Multidimensional Dispersing Billiards
  • Urbanski, University of North Texas, Rigidity of Connected Limit Sets of Conformal IFS
  • Smillie, Cornell University, Computer Pictures of Complex Henon Diffeomorphisms
  • P. Brasselet, Université de Marseille, A Lefschetz Formula for the Local Euler Obstruction
  • Dumortier, Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Limit Cycles in Lienard Equations
  • Metzger, IMCA, Lima, Stochastic Stability for Multidimensional Lorenz Attractors with Arbitrary Expanding Dimension
  • Labarca, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Bifurcation of the Essential Dynamics of Lorenz Maps on the Real Line and the Bifurcation Scenario for Lorenz Like Flows: The Contracting Case
  • Tresser, IBM, Watson Research Center, Mathematics for Digital Halftoning
  • Kozlovski, University of Warwick, Fast Dynamo Problem
  • Chenciner, Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, A New Class of Periodic Solutions of the n-body Problem in the Case of Equal Masses
  • Pujals, UFRJ, Generic Dynamics on Surfaces
  • Smale, Hong Kong Univ., Some Math Problems for this Century
  • Zinsmeister, Université d’Orleans, Phase Dependence of Hausdorff Dimension of Julia-Lavaurs Sets
  • Bochi, IMPA, C1 Genericity of Zero Lyapunov Exponents
  • Nowicki, University of Warsaw, Sinks and Cycles in Newton’s Means
  • Roberts, LaTrobe University, Symmetries and Reversing Symmetries of Toral Automorphisms
  • Hiraide, Ehime University, A Simple Proof of Franks-Newhouse’s Theorem on Codimension One Anosov Diffeomorphisms



  •  Ladislav Andrey, ICS-ASCR, Universal Evolution Criterion of Glansdorff-Priggine Fails on Strange Attractors
  • Patrick Bernard, Univ. Dauphine, Variational Methods and Homoclinic Orbits of Hamiltonian Systems
  • Vladimir Pestov, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Fixed Points, Amenability and Concentration of Measure
  • Hector Sánchez-Morgado, UNAM, Mx, A Minimax Selector for a Class of Hamiltonians on Cotangents Bundles
  • Jaime Arango, Universidad del Valle, Colombia, Diffeomorphisms as Time One Maps, a Constructive Approach
  • Daniel S. Brandão, IMPA, Renormalization for Multimodal Maps: a PrioriI Bounds for Bounded Combinatorics
  • Vanderlei Horita, UNESP, Hausdorff Dimension for a Class of Non-Hyperbolic Repellers
  • Victoria Rayskin, Boston University, Tangential lambda-lemma in Rn
  • Samuel Senti, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, Hausdorff Dimension of the Exceptional Set in Jakobson’s Theorem
  • Masayuki Asaoka, The University of Tokushima, Japan A Homological Invariant of Projectively Anosov Flows on the 2-torus
  • Jacky Cresson, Université de Franche-Comte, Geometry and Dynamics of Partially Hyperbolic Tori
  • Arek Goetz, San Francisco State University, California, New Results in Dynamics of Piecewise Isometries
  • Adilson Motter, IMECC-UNICAMP, Chaos in Bianchi IX Cosmology
  • Paulo Ricardo da Silva, UNESP- São José do Rio Preto, Compact Global Attractors and Morse Decompositions for Diffeomorphisms of RN with Oscillatory Jacobians
  • Igor Subbotin, National University, USA, On Some Infinite Dimensional Linear Groups
  • Marco Abate, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Abstract of Recent Work on Complex Dynamical Systems
  • José Balthazar, UNESP, Local Stability Analysis of a Vibrating Problem Excited by a Limited Power Supply
  • Sylvain Crovisier, Université Paris-Sud, Saddle-node Bifurcations for Hyperbolic Sets
  • Luis Garcia, Universidade de Los Andes, Center Manifold and Exponentially Bounded Solutions of a Forced Newtonian System with Dissipation
  • Vilton Pinheiro, IMPA, Combinatorial Properties and Distortion Control for Unimodal Maps
  • Konstantin Rerikh, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – Dubna, Moscow, Birational Symmetry and Integrability of Functional Equations Defined by Birational Maps
  • Hans Thunberg, Mälardalens University, Theory Put to Work: Periodicity Versus Chaos in Certain Population Models
  • Luciano Barbanti, IME/USP, Properties of the Minimal Power Points Bifurcation Surface for a Controlled Fitzhugh-Nagumo Clamped Nerve Equation
  • Yong Moo Chung, Hiroshima University, Japan, Differentiable Maps with Hyperbolic Measures
  • Patrícia E. Domingues, UNESP, Synchronism and Communication
  • Jesús Palacián, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Asymptotic Integrals for Polynomial Hamiltonians in two Dimensions
  • Victor Sirvent, Universidad Simón Bolívar, VE, Spectra of Recurrence Dimension for Substitution Dynamical Systems
  • Addas Zanata, IME-USP/Pedro Antonio S. Salomão, IME-USP, Plenty of Homoclinic Bifurcations in a 2-parameter Family of Twist Maps, and Periodic and Quasi-periodic Orbits Appearing after the Break-up of the Last Invariant Circle



Lista de Participantes